Let me take a Selfie!


Took this in the resort, where we stayed for the recent holiday, on the reflection of the glass window of the restaurant where I was roaming around looking for a good view of the place. I turned around and saw myself in the reflection and it looked as if I was covered with leaves and I liked how it looked a little like a painting, with the whole picture naturally framed by the window and the mountains in the background. It wasn’t perfect because of the way the sunlight was falling at a location where I had to go close to the beam but still I sort of liked the feel of the picture 🙂 Doesn’t it look like I am expressing myself here by being a part of the nature ?

WPC: ZigZag

Entries for this week’s photography challenge : ZigZag

a) The zig zag road in Wayanad


b) The zig zag pattern formed by the water on the sand in the beach


c) The zig zag pattern of the wooden frame from the Thanjavur Painting I have at home. This form of frame is called Chettinadu frame.