A year after

Its been a year since Sylvain started this weekly photograph prompt. He did leave the prompt open for all. But I am going with a photograph of the Happy Birthday card that I got this year from a very special friend.

Congratulations Sylvain 🙂 and I am happy to be part of this weekly photography prompt.


Movies of the week

Finding Dory

It did not have the same charm as Finding Nemo. With the kind of promotion that went into it I thought it would be better than that. And I was never once emotional in that whole movie. It sure did have a message and all. But something that would connect me to Dory was missing. It also felt like the movie went too fast. Of course, as fishes they would move fast, but still, it felt very hurried. The kids might enjoy it.

Independence Day – Resurrgence

I had vowed that I wouldn’t go to this movie when I saw the trailer last year sometime. But since it was a team event and everyone voted for this one (I voted for Tarzan 😦 ) my option was ruled out. It was on IMAX 3D. I did not have any expectation and I went with the sole purpose of making fun of the scenes and having fun. Inspite of me not being a fan of Liam Hemsworth (I loved Chris Hemsworth in the short clip which was part of the trailer of Ghostbusters) I was the only one in the theater who was clapping when he came up on screen. And that wasn’t even a grand entrance. 🙄 I liked the other guy, who was with him, but he looked way too young. If you don’t use logic or any other part of your brain other than the one associated with sight and sound then you would be OK with it. CGI were cool. Why do we have ugly aliens all the time? Why can aliens be cute and good looking? And I seriously hope that they don’t take any more sequels. I am not sure if Earth is ready for it, but I am pretty sure the audience wouldn’t be. No wonder Finding Dory was more popular in box office than this movie.

Out of the blue

Have you just wished for something out of the blue and got it granted 🙂 I am not sure if you heard of the Icelandic commentator who went crazy when his country won the match against Austria

So yesterday when my friend and I were discussing the matches (he is a very avid fan and watches almost all the matches) I told him that I would love to see Iceland win against England and if possible have the same commentator be at the match 😉 Wouldn’t that be very cool? When forced to choose a side, he chose England. So I bid him good night wishing for Iceland to do their best. Today morning when I got up I saw the news that Iceland won 2-1 against England which brought a smile to my face because it was something I wished just before I slept and it felt like those fairies have been very busy to get my wish come true 😉 Go Iceland!

Saturday Night

It has been a while since us friends have had a get-together for a fun evening. Finally after figuring who is available and when, we have zeroed in on today and hope that everyone is able to make it. We are also planning to Skype our friends who have moved to different countries and states. Let us see how that goes 🙂 But what is a get-together without a drink or two? That wine bottle that was opened last time (last year some time, actually) we had a get-together at my place is still 3/4 full. I better take that with me today (the venue: another friend’s place) and hope that it gets over. It has been more than a year or so since I have had that bottle. And hopefully today is the day..

And may be we will do some karaoke and some feet tapping.  😉 Wanna join in?

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “drink.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!


SoCS Badge by HopeFloats@ My Leaky Boat

WPC: Admiration

I always admire the handmade arts and crafts and can spend a lot of time just looking at them making Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote “Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it.” true. But once in a while I give in and buy such items and those are my proud possessions. We friends had been to an arts cafe once and I spent most of my time browsing the craftworks than eating at that place 😉 So imagine my surprise when I was gifted this very article of my admiration as my birthday gift yesterday (a little in advance because I won’t be seeing them for a month) Have I told you that my friends are the best 🙂