Time travel explained

I have never been a big fan of Time Travel, but that doesn’t stop me from watching movies/series related to it, like Back to the Future, Game of Thrones (latest TV season, not the book) etc. I found this YouTube video from Vox interesting. Did I understand it fully? Nope. But I did understand it to some extent to figure out that I cannot go back and kill my grandparent and also as to why Bran Stark (Spoiler here) couldn’t have changed what had happened. For fans of Game of Thrones: There will be spoilers in this video, so if you haven’t watched the latest season (all episodes) then don’t watch this video, unless you love seeing spoilers.

GoT – Full Hindi Theme Song

This was hilarious and I couldn’t help but share it. It would have been great if they had subtitles so that people who don’t understand Hindi also can enjoy this.

GoT update

Now that I am up to date with the Game of Thrones TV series, let me just say… Whoa!!!

(May or may not contain spoilers) I am not sure which of these might be spoilers…so… if you haven’t watched the series, you might not want to proceed.

I did not see that plot opening, Hodor!

How come Daenerys always has this kind of specially made scenes that packs a punch.

Well…All is well at the Night’s watch finally

There is a reason for the line  “Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

And someone seems to have read the ‘Art of War’ book well.



GoT Fan Art!

If you aren’t a fan of Game of Thrones series / books you might as well skip this unless you want to see the art!

When I saw the following tweet today morning, I laughed out ALOUD, because of the brilliant art work and how each character is portrayed so well that you could see their faces from the series. I especially loved Tywin 😀

Then my friend said that Mari Moreno was the author for these and sent the Deviant Art page link. And also the artistic view of other Houses too. It is simply amazing. Brilliant work!

In case you need the rest :

House Stark

House Targaryen

House Baratheon

Have a great day ahead 🙂

For the love of Snow (or not) !

Have you seen the latest mashup trailer of Hunger Games and Game of Thrones where in Katniss Everdeen is fighting against (Jon) Snow? It is so brilliantly done, I literally clapped after watching it , sitting at home 🙂 The title is also very cool.

The Hunger Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Must Die (Trailer)