Mockingjay – 1

On this Friday evening, when I went to my gym I got the message that the class was cancelled, because the instructor got stuck with some other work. “Idea why not got to a movie then ?”, I asked my friend. So we checked the tickets (never mind that we bunked office and went for a movie just the previous day) and voila! we had tickets ready for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1‘. We missed the first few minutes of the movie because of the last minute confusion and our other friend running (literally) late to the theater etc etc.

The previous movies of the same series, didn’t quite hit their mark for me, so I was a little hesitant to watch this one. But then I had to because I have to complete the series (and that is how these companies make their money). Especially when this is just the first part of the last book. Why do they break these last books into two series I don’t understand (yeah yeah to make more money and to stretch the story and anticipation a little bit more..but still) Before I go ahead…here it is..Spoiler Alert (both for the movie and Game of Thrones). There now that it is done, let us go to the movie. It does start with Katniss again rejecting any offers to be the ‘mockingjay’ symbol of the revolution and the leaders trying to convince her and all that stuff. They then decide to get her to see the truth of how the things are in other districts, in front of her, would be to allow her to see the destruction for herself and then record her reactions and send the message across to other districts that she is indeed ready to fight for them and with them. Now there is a scene when Katniss enters into the hospital with all those injured and half-dead and she tells them that she can’t do this and finally goes into the hospital looking at the people there and I suddenly had this dejavu moment. Whoa! Doesn’t she resemble Daenerys Targaryean here (and the presence of Natalie Dormer , who is Margery Tyrell in GoT also might have had an impact), who is walking into Yunkai. All it needed was someone calling her Mhysa . Since no one was going to, I shouted ‘Mhysa’ a little louder so that my friends and people just next to them could hear. Since my other two friends have already seen Game of Thrones, they chuckled and asked me to keep quiet. But guess what, as soon as I shouted, someone in the screen said ‘Katniss!!!! you are here’. Yay!!!

I am not going into the movie in depth , but the spoiler  alert is here for another reason, which will come later. Katniss is again looking like a deer caught in the headlights and is just torn to save her family vs save Peeta vs save the people from the Capitol. Whenever she sees Peeta and the way he becomes a puppet for the Capitol, asking her to give up on the war, as my friend prompted correctly, we are reminded of Theon Greyjoy. Gosh! What is happening to us, why are we all thinking about GoT characters in Hunger Games ? When I heard Snow say ‘Miss Everdeen, it is the things we love most that destroy us‘, I was like ‘hey, I read that in ASOIAF’ where Mormont says to Jon Snow, “The things we love destroy us every time, lad. Remember that.”  And the way Peeta appears in every message was like seeing Theon after Ramsay’s torture. Even the final scene was exactly how Theon reacted in the Moat Cailin capture for Ramsay.

There are no games here in this for once, but then the revolution has already started and they did try and break into the Capitol and all, even if they had to make sacrifices. This is just a warm up movie for the final act. Actions, reactions and explosions and a small victory (as they think it is) for the revolutionists. I feel for Katniss sometimes because she is in this as a face and every uses her for their own cause, when all she wants is to have Peeta back and her family safe and be that person who can be invisible in that huge crowd. Not that she can’t prove herself when she needs to. But still. Comic relief comes from one liners especially from Effie and Haymitch. I haven’t read the books so am not sure if it could have been one big movie or if it is worth it to split it into two. If not for anything at least for the wait, I wish they had the last book as one big movie. One last word, I loved that ‘The Hanging Tree’ song.


GoT Update (contains spoiler)

<Huge Spoiler Alert for Game of Thrones, so please refrain from reading if you haven’t seen season 2 and 3>

This Sunday, finally I managed to complete watching till the end of 3rd season of Game of Thrones. Even though I have read that book, had that emotional reaction, it still did not make it any less painful to watch it. Holy S**t. I can totally empathize with these people. Especially when they were a few scenes just before where they show how they love each other and Robb discovers that he is gonna be a father and all. Shucks that really hurt. I had tears when Catelyn cries out to Robb. Couldn’t help it. And I really wanted to throttle that person who killed Robb’s wife.

The ‘dracarys’ scene where Dany burns Astapor, WOW! that was just …I was spellbound in that. What a beautifully executed scene. Just loved it. Boy, this kid Gleeson, damn, he really made me want to kill him, especially in that scene where he is so ecstatic when he learns of Robb’s death. Jeez! I was holding on to my chair so hard that it was paining.

Why the hell is Jaime coming in early ? Wasn’t he supposed to come after the 2nd death ? The scenes between Tyrion and Sansa were sort of cute when compared to the book. I am yet to see the 4th season, so I am not sure how much it is covered. But I think Shae will not be killed by Tyrion the way it is there in the book. And I hope I am right here. Even through the screens I feel like obeying Tywin Lannister, he is so scary as a father even though I am that kid who defies her father’s wishes just to piss him off (not always but sometimes 😉 ) Where is Mance’s wife and kid ? And who is this person as Daario ? Shouldn’t he be a little more butch in appearance according to the books ? After all the rants the only response I got from my friends is that ‘don’t worry Daario is replaced by another actor’, as if that was the most important thing of all. No wonder, lot of them like Jon Snow and Ygritte. They make a very cute pair. I didn’t feel it in the books, but in the scenes in some places, I felt bad for Cersei, even though I cannot forgive her for anything she did. And the actresses is much better than the first season for sure. And I didn’t expect Natalie Dormer for Margery. And she is shown more smarter than she is in the books. And it is obvious that she is gonna play a bigger role later. I remember her from ‘The Tudors’, even though I have seen only a few episodes there.

There were too many changes that came in suddenly and I am still unable to take them all in. I would have to complete the 4th season before they start with the next one. Damn! I never thought I will be this fast in books and in TV series with respect to the Game of Thrones. And then it is gonna be a very long wait. And Winter is already here. Hope it isn’t a long one.

All is well that…

Saturday did start a little dull. Just one of those days, you know when everything seems dull , and I almost thought of cancelling the brunch I had earlier planned with friends and join them only for the movie Interstellar. But then at the last minute decided to go ahead and boy, was I glad. We went to this place called ‘Dice n Dine‘. A place where there are so many games that you can keep playing till your heart’s content along with some good food too. We ended up spending almost 3 hours there, not to mention a lot of food and money.

IMG_3131 IMG_3132 IMG_3133 IMG_3134

The first game one of our friend chose was ‘Cards Against Humanity‘. I never knew I had a wicked side to me, until that game. I won the first round with the most outrageous answers that I never would have thought of or said in real life. Wow! that was so much fun that I asked for a another  game almost at the end when we had less time left to leave for the movie. IMG_3128

And then we chose something called ‘Say Anything’, basically to test how well you know your friends. IMG_3130

We almost chose ‘Game of Thrones’ but since it was a long game and we were running out of time we decided to forgo that.IMG_3135

And instead choose ‘Trivial Pursuit’. I am so bad in General Knowledge and was the least scorer in this. But among all the answers the one answer that stood out was, the tea that has the most antioxidants present is ‘not’ the green tea, but the ‘white’ tea. Hell, I didn’t even knew there was something called a white tea till then.IMG_3140

And I ended up having a big cup of ice-cream all by myself (sorry, I never share my chocolates or ice-creams) which made all of it much more sweeter.


What started out as a dull day ended up pretty good with lots of fun.


imaginary vs the reel

Getting sick in the middle of the week has its own advantages I say. First, I got to work from home (even though one day I was too sick to work after half a day but still managed to complete the work) and second, whenever I went to take some rest I managed to watch some of the GoT episodes and voila! I completed watching the first season. I had watched almost 5 episodes last Sunday, so only five were left to watch over the week. Since I knew the story, some episodes were easier to watch and of course I wasn’t surprised by anything here, because it almost followed the book to the last word. It was a very neat adaptation in that aspect. No story here and so no spoilers. Just some of my thoughts about the first season. For me it was more of associating or even comparing the faces in the TV series to the faces I had imagined while reading them. I had seen the first episode of the first season sometime back (it was a long time back infact), so I knew some of the characters who appeared in the first season (not all, just some like Ned, Tyrion, Bran , Dany, Khal Drogo). The ones I knew were already there in my imagination while I was reading the book. But the rest , now that I have read about them in the span of 5 books this is what I felt.

Cersei wasn’t exactly the way I had imagined her in the book. I felt that she was too smug for that character and seemed too disinterested. The picture of her in my mind was a little more cunning and vile with a wicked smile.

Jofferey, I hated that character more and more as I saw this actor playing it. It was a very good choice of cast in the TV series. I wanted to say something here, but since I already said no spoilers I am keeping quiet. 

Sansa Stark, one of the characters I didn’t like and yes, while reading she reminded me of Bella a lot from the Twilight series. But again the choice of the cast was good because this girl, no offense dear, really did look stupid enough (courtesy: her acting 😉 ) with all that star in her eyes and the teen drama and all.

I also liked Catelyn in the TV series. She is one who matched my imaginative Catelyn.

Jaime: Now is it just me or did anyone else find a similarity between this actor and the ‘Prince Charming‘ in Shrek 2 ? He reminded me of him so much. I was wondering why he felt very familiar. To be honest, he wasn’t as good looking as it was described in the book and my imaginative Jaime was a little bit better than him. At least it wasn’t as disastrous a portrayal as Edward in Twilight by Robert Pattinson. Thank God for small miracles. Since I am not a big fan of Jaime as such, he is OK.

Another interesting cast was Littlefinger. Now that guy really looked cunning (and looked good too). And way better than how I had imagined.

Varys: I thought Varys was supposed to be a little lithe and lean because he keeps crawling everywhere and all and was a little surprised to see the casting here.

Arya Stark: Perfect and matched my imagination.

The rest were all OK. It was like remembering back the important points in the book again. They could have done without too much sex though, at least in some place, even though the book is full of it and violence too. For e.g. the scene where Littlefinger is talking about his lost love, I know he needed a opening to reveal a little about himself, but I wouldn’t have imagined a scene as one that was shown.

Will have to start the second season next week sometime.



Just My Luck

  • It hardly rains when I carry my BIG umbrella (like I am going to save the whole town from getting wet) with me and when I don’t, that is when it pours.
  • When I had long hair, it kept falling and falling until it started to look like a rat’s tail. Now that I have cut it too short, it grows enough to make it look like a birds nest.
  • I decide to beat the traffic and start early from home, sacrificing my early morning sleep and guess what, the whole town decides to beat the traffic the very same day.
  • When I do  work from home because it is a festival day (not an official holiday though) and to watch all those special programmes on TV, that is when all the channels decide to play all the crappy movies and I end up actually working the whole day.
  • When I have a demo (aka demonstration of my product’s features) scheduled (for which I spend around half a day to set it up) to the higher management, that is when the meeting is either cancelled or is hijacked by another team.

Sounds like perfect examples of Murphy’s law isn’t. I guess I should be happy about my once-in-a-while bad luck. At least I don’t have Stark Luck.