Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!


“Lord Ganesh of curved elephant trunk and huge body,
Whose brilliance is equal to billions of suns in intensity,
Always removes all obstacles from my endeavours truly,
I respectfully pray to him with all my revered sincerity.”
― Munindra Misra

In the name of the festival…

…we do celebrate more than being able to believe in something greater than us, we also celebrate being part of a community and its also about sharing, about giving especially to those underprivileged and to show case the talents of a group or an individual. That is what I saw when I went to my friend’s housing community celebrations of Ganesh Chathurthi, yesterday, and this is my first time there even though I have known that they have been doing it for long. It is also probably because she was taking part in an event. I also had the pleasure of witnessing the cute little kids performing and outperforming their parents, be it a dance, or a mimic act, a skit, singing…they had so much variety. To be able to stand there in the stage and perform before the whole group of elders and not to mention strangers, I really appreciate their courage. A lovely evening I should say and Thank Ganesha that the rains stopped when the events were about to start.


WPC: Dialogue

For this week’s photography challenge: Dialogue


Shucks! I am so scared. Damn this thing.
Phew! What a relief to be on the ground. Now, I am ready to take on these people. Let them just try.

PS: I had these photos ready to write a story later anyway and this week’s challenge happened. It also comes on a day when we celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi, a Hindu Festival in the honor of the Elephant-headed God Ganesha. I like the timing 🙂

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi