What do you gift someone who forgets to remember the place where they kept their spectacles or eye glasses?


I found this in Amazon India and was so thrilled to have found it because I was searching for some cheeky and yet useful gift and was having trouble finding one and then one day this just popped up and I almost shrieked out of joy. And guess what, the person I gifted also loved it. Come on, who wouldn’t right? It is so cute.

I wasn’t sure if it was available outside India but then saw that has it in store. But let me tell you that it is way costlier than what they sell it for in India. May be it is those shipping charges that are spiking up the costs. This wouldn’t be of much use if the person you gift forgot where this stand is. But that goes even for Remembrall too (remember the dialogue that Malfoy and others have in that book?)

I was so glad to have found this as a gift and hope that the person (who also reads this blog from time to time) remembers to use it well 😉

A Gift like no other


Since my friend couldn’t find the rest of his books  (as I had mentioned in my other post) on Song of Ice and Fire Series to lend it to me, they (him and my other close friends) all decided that it would be nice if I had those books for myself rather than a borrowed one and gifted me a boxed set of e-books of that series as a very very belated this year’s or a very very early next year’s birthday gift and by the end of the evening, I got an email with my Gift. I am not great with receiving gifts even though I love gifting people. When I did mock my friends for not planning a gift for me this year (and that was almost 5 months before) never did I dream that I will get these books as gifts 🙂 I am so floored and honored. Thank you so much, folks. One of the best gifts I have ever received.

I have started on the 2nd book, but am taking it slow because work is getting tighter and I need to complete a whole lot before my week long vacation too. Between the books, the work and my health, I might end up taking it a little slower than usual in WP this week at least.

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!”
― Neil Gaiman