Let me take a Selfie!


Took this in the resort, where we stayed for the recent holiday, on the reflection of the glass window of the restaurant where I was roaming around looking for a good view of the place. I turned around and saw myself in the reflection and it looked as if I was covered with leaves and I liked how it looked a little like a painting, with the whole picture naturally framed by the window and the mountains in the background. It wasn’t perfect because of the way the sunlight was falling at a location where I had to go close to the beam but still I sort of liked the feel of the picture 🙂 Doesn’t it look like I am expressing myself here by being a part of the nature ?

Smack That!!!

1-2014-07-07 14.33.43 I am not sure how clear it is, because it was taken with my phone which has a very poor camera. This is a glass window that is in the top most floor. If you look closer, you can see the impression of a pigeon (I guess so, because I didn’t see it happening) on the window from the other side. Looks like it didn’t know that there was a window and ran right into it. I just cannot imagine the pain it would have gone through. God!!! The poor bird.