WPC: The Road Taken

IMG_20160505_173539 (1).jpg

During our trip to Ireland last year, we found this small sign tucked near the corner of the road. We were on our way to Glendalough. It was a very small road where we had to turn and we were slightly confused about it. So we parked to check our maps when I spotted this sign. We had a good laugh and decided to take this photograph on our way back. I never thought that I would be in Hollywood during my trip to Ireland and all thanks to this small road taken.

WPC: Looking up

When we went to Glendalough we walked to the 2nd lake which is the larger one. After the long walk, we decided to rest for a while in those lush green grass. I love grasses, walking on them, lying down on them and looking up at the sky. So there we were lying down on the grass, taking a break when I wondered if I could capture the place upside down. So I clicked this one.lookup1.JPG

Once I got that then I started to watch the clouds pass by. It was a fairly good day there. No rains, sun shining bright. I thought this particular movement of the clouds looked like the skeletal remains of a huge animal like Dinosaur or a Dragon. What do you think.lookup2.JPG

Speaking of Looking up, here is another one. This looks like a glass floor doesn’t?


But actually it is the reflection of the glass floor in the mirror placed on the roof.  Here is a clear view of that. When I looked up, I felt a little loopy. Oh, yeah forgot to tell you the place. This is a section of the Tower Bridge.





A curved line is the loveliest distance between two points. – Anonymous

Wordless Wednesday


Valley of Two Lakes

About 3 hours drive from Dunmanway is a place called Glendalough (pronounced as Glen da Loch), a place known for its monastic settlement. If you visit that place you will know why it is a perfect place for a monastery. So much peace, so much calm, so much nature. Ufff! It was so beautiful. There are also trails you can hike depending on your stamina level. And the place is huge. We decided to go on the long walk around the place upto the upper lake and then walk back. Again close to 3-4 hours to visit the whole place. This place holds a special place in my life now 🙂 Would definitely go back if I get another chance and may be next time, will try one of those hikes too.

Kevin’s Church
The monalithic Round Tower
Lower Lake
Upper Lake
Towards Upper Lake
View on the way back from Upper Lake
Lead Mining site on the way to Glendalough