WPC: Nostalgia


“We are torn between a nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange.”~ Carson McCullers

Photograph of a beach side restaurant in Goa. Recently my friend sent us a collage of the photographs of our Goa trip. It was exactly two years ago. If I am not wrong, it was either this date today or Oct 1 2013 when I got my ankle fractured during our Goa trip 😉 Fun times.


What is your favorite place?

Which is your favorite dinnertime place?

A Cozy well lit restaurant by the riverside?

1-IMG_0751.jpgOr a busy eat street?


or cooking munchies at home?


Wordless Wednesday


Basilica of Bom Jesus

This is the photograph of the Basicilia of Bom Jesus when I had been there a couple of years ago. There were making some renovations to it. It is a UNESCO heritage site in Goa, India. It is also the place which contains the remains of St. Francis Xavier. Recently got these photographs polished a little bit using the trial version of Photoshop. I really liked the color temperature of the first one.

Wordless Wednesday