WPC: Happy Place

Happiness is….
the wind in my hair
the sand between my toes
the deep green sea
and the sun upon my skin

Read this somewhere recently. Without even knowing I have been travelling every year (as part of my second vacation for the year) to a beach place since 2013.

2013 – Goa (India)

2014 – Kolad (Pune, India)

2015 – Bali (Indonesia)

Well, I think beach is my Happy Place. And it has never failed me so far.

SL-WEEK 4 : Weird Hollidays

For this week, Sylvain wants us to share about some photographs related to weird holidays. Here is a simple one.

Because there was this time in 2013 during my trip to Goa, where I fractured my ankle during the third or fourth day of the trip (it was a 9 day vacation) and after a day’s rest, couldn’t take it any longer and started going everywhere with my crutch. I hate being confined to a room during my vacation. Thanks to my friends, I missed only two days of the trip and the rest I took it slow but enjoyed it, even if I had to go and visit a couple of doctors, hope around with my crutch and another leg, hold on to my friends in case my swollen leg was gonna give up and come back to a 2 month bed rest and work from home 🙂 It was all worth it. 1-IMG_9688

And during the time when I was OK to walk to the beaches, saw a bull take a walk or rather run in the beach….1-IMG_8989

Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #4

I haven’t done much of these Cover Makeover challenges from Photo Rehab. But this week, I am gonna try it because I think I have the image for that in hand.

This is a photograph I took during my trip to Goa. Edited it a bit using GIMP to add some Oilfy and Van Gogh effects and used Picasa for my Texts and Borders.

What do you say ?


Red moon effect

This image is one of my favorites taken in Goa, of the St Augustine ruins. I liked how the tree formed a natural frame for that ruined building.
I haven’t done much on editing an image for quite some time (haven’t done much of anything for sometime now) so I thought, why not do this as part of my submission to the PhotoRehab participation. So I took the above image, added some tint and focus change using good ol’ Picasa to get a Red Moon effect to make it more eerie. Was I successful?

WPC: Off-Season

When we friends went to Goa for a week long trip, it was a perfect off-season, at least perfect for me 🙂 . I can’t imagine how the beaches would be during the peak season.
As was our trip to Matheran. As soon as we landed it started pouring and we couldn’t walk around much that evening giving us a lot of time to sip our hot tea and enjoy our card game and books.
But I prefer off-season or slightly off-season to visit a place, because I am not that comfortable with crowds. And if the beaches would be deserted because of off-season, then I am all for it.