Malevolent – ****

Yesterday I finished the book Malevolent by E.H. Reinhard. Since it was a mystery thriller, it took me a couple of days to get it over with. After a very long time, I had dreams about a story that I had been reading. Why? Because after a very long time, I felt a little pukish while reading some parts of it (and that is very very rare, let me tell you that). My dreams were all over the place, but in essence, the antagonist of the story did make his appearance, even though I don’t remember any of it except that I felt very disturbed, mentally drained and tired when I woke up. I was trying to solve the case in my dreams, you see 😉

It was a good one, even though it made me wonder about one question I happen to ponder over whenever I read any story about serial killers. Why do the serial killers pick only women as their victims in these stories? Or if they wanted a change, it would be children. Why? This has got nothing to do with feminism or any such BS (so just don’t go there…). Just a question that keeps coming to my mind every now and then.

What I liked about it was the non-heroic stance. Even though it is mostly about Kane, it is always a team effort. His chief, his friend and partner Rawlings and others always are there for him and with him. It does become a bit personal when the antagonist takes a liking to Kane but otherwise it was always the team TPD against the serial killer. Without going too much into the story, let me tell you that if you do not like to read about gore (even though it isn’t too much) you might want to skip this. But if you can hold it in, and get through it (if you know what I mean), it is a fun read 🙂

Now, I have to figure out a way to complete the series sooner than later.


Already ???

If you are a Game of Thrones fan and haven’t neither seen the series yet nor read the books and are planning to, then this post isn’t for you. I am gonna try and contain myself and not give away any major spoilers, but I can’t guarantee it.

Its already over 😦 The season with 10 episodes is already done. Oh My God!!! What a roller coaster ride. I am still not sure how I feel about the various deviations or rather should I say major deviations from the book. I think I am not too happy about it, but kind of accept it, because that is all I can do now! (I know I am trying to convince myself here, especially now that I have seen all the episodes). The last episode made me empty a big tub of icecream even before I could stop myself or even realize what I was doing. I sort of expected a few of the twists in the last episode and certainly did expect the end scene to be exactly the one that was shown, but that doesn’t mean it felt nice to see it. It still made me cringe in horror. The only other surprise that made me cringe was when Stannis the Mannis did what he did and became the most unpopular guy, even beating Ramsay Bolton in the race. A lot of surprise elements in the series which sort of leads the story astray from the books, especially the White Walkers scene (whoa!!! that was one hell of a scene yeah?). Now that we know a couple of characters are dead , who weren’t dead yet in the book, how is the story gonna proceed….and I have to wait for almost another year now! Dammit!!! I seriously hope the book comes out before that because there is a lot of catching up to do. I really admire how they actually condense the whole story into 10 episodes trying to bring all that matters into the series, considering the number of subplots and characters involved, but still feels bad to see your small and favorite characters not being included. My best scene of the whole series is where Jorah and Tyrion sit and talk after their attack. That was one hell of a place and the photography was so amazing. I kept rewinding to that scene just to take in that sunset. It was soooo awesome. The final episode does win the most gruesome episode award among all the episodes. People dropped dead like flies, literally. Someone even tweeted that this episode had more deaths than the (in)famous Red Wedding 🙂 But at least it ended where the books ended. A small consolation if any.

I think I did manage to not add any spoilers, hopefully. But if I did, well, I did warn ya’. Now the wait begins. But at least there will be lot of posts discussing and dissecting the season. So I will get my GoT fix 😉