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Here is to never growing up 😉
Belated Happy Friendship Day!

SoCS – A violent welcome

Pouncing on me like a group of madly yapping puppies, trying to talk above each other, garnering my attention and trying very hard to be the one to be successful to hold it for long, reminding me of Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory – This is how I am welcomed nowadays in my home (at my parent’s place) by my nieces and nephew. At times, I get scratched, hit on the nose (forgot how many times as of now, thank God it hasn’t bled yet), socked on the chin, you name it. But that is the kind of welcome I would rather have now, than the usual  sober “Hi’s” and an occasional hug from my mom (we are not the hugging types here). Funnily this kind of welcome not only happens to me in person, but over phone too. One day when I had called up home to inquire about the kids, both my nieces pulled the phone from my brother and started talking one by one and after that they ended the call, assuming that I am done (yeah, they tend to consider themselves the most important people in that household as of now). What they forgot was to include my nephew who was there, and who was a very pissed boy at that time. In a few minutes, I got a call back from my sister telling that her son is furious that his sisters didn’t give him the opportunity to speak to me and had demanded an exclusive time to do that through her phone. There he was complaining about his sisters and talking everything and nothing (and I hardly understood a word he said). Eventually after the call, I ended up in tears overwhelmed by their love (they are just 4, 3 and 2 in order of ages). Now, I just can’t imagine a life without them in it. And its scary sometimes to see them grow so fast. Can I have a pause button in life please ?

This post is part of SoCS, conducted by Linda. Check the link for the rules, if you want to participate. This week, the prompt will be: Start with a verb. I hope I did it right 😉