The weekly update

Finally, it took me just two days to complete the new Harry Potter book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two’. I will keep you updated on my views about the book in a separate post (need to gather my bearings before I write that down) but if you want to hear only good things about it (obviously, no spoilers will be revealed) then you might want to skip that. Now I hear that there are three more books planned? For some reason, that doesn’t excite me. Why? I don’t know as of yet. But once I gather my thoughts, which are everywhere right now, I might get an answer.
In the mean time, I am keeping up my date with ‘The Wire’ series and completed Season 2 over the week. I am planning to do one season per week, if possible. So far, I am just loving it. I have also caught up with the latest episode of ‘The Night Of’.  All is going well in the TV series area and I am glad I am sticking to those two for now.

I remember my dad’s very old and very dilapidated guitar that was kept in the lofts and used to wish my dad kept it in good condition so that we could try learning to play it. But he played it during his younger days and had lost touch but for some reason, kept that guitar for far too long. I learned to play guitar 4/5 years ago and continued for 2 years but then with constant travelling and work, had to give it up. Now I have totally lost touch. And it is in my loft. So when my friend asked if she could loan it for her son, I was only glad because it will be brought back to life again, if not by me by some one who is willing to learn. I have plans to learn playing it again once I get other things sorted, but until then I don’t want it face the same fate as that of my dad’s. Anything to keep my guitar alive and the music floating.

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SoCS Badge by John Holton@ The Sound of One Hand Typing

Tuesday Tunes

This song not only made me want to sing along with it, it also reminded me of the picture I took some time back with that hat of mine and my guitar (which is lying unused 😦 ).

Don’t gimme that (No, no)
Let me breathe (Don’t gimme that)
I want another survival
I won’t give up my dreams
You cannot break my wings
Baby, I’m a survivor
So don’t gimme that


WPC: Endurance

For this week’s photography challenge: Endurance

My father’s guitar notes from his guitar playing days (around mid 1960’s), which has endured the movement of cities, of houses, of places , of hands and still it survives with some fray’s. And I think it will also be apt to say that the song that is listed ‘Whistling Jack’ or ‘Per Qualche Dollaro in Piú‘ has also endured the test of times in the music world and is still one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard. IMG_2802

The Golkonda Fort, built around 945 CE-970 CE has endured many wars and still the steps and the minars are accessible and used to climb to the watch tower.


And finally, the Leaning tower of Pisa, built in 1173 AD and still standing may be not exactly straight, but still tall after enduring the test of times and troubles.