The White Blanket

“All Heaven and Earth
Flowered white obliterate…
Snow…unceasing snow”
― Hashin, Japanese Haiku


Taken on my way up to Mount Titlis in Lucerne from the Cable Car.

Disability – haiku

I was reading today’s paper and there were these articles on disabilities and how to help people having disabilities because today is The United Nations’ International Day of People with Disabilities. There were some eye opening articles by kids and how they volunteer to help such people. Suddenly I remembered a Tamil haiku which I had read during my college days. I don’t know either the source or the author of this haiku. In case any one does, please do let me know.

கால் வலிக்கிறதென்று
ரிக்க்ஷாவில் ஏறினேன்
மனம் வலித்தது
ரிக்க்ஷா ஓட்டியவனுக்கு
ஒரு கால் மரக்கால்

It roughly translates to
“I got into a rickshaw due to my leg pain only to have my heart ache because the driver of the rickshaw had a wooden leg.”