Handy Handkerchiefs

I was just folding the laundry , when I realized that my handkerchiefs are all getting older and are torn in places. I am always sad to see them that way , because it is time to replace them. And one thing stuck me. You remember how I liked the movie ‘The Intern’ right ? So in that, Mr Robert De Niro, being the senior and from a totally different generation, ALWAYS carries a handkerchief with him and he sure demonstrates the use of it too. I love the scene where Anne pours her heart out and he is upset because that is the one time he doesn’t have his handkerchief with him. It was so CUTE! Among the people I know of (friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc) I don’t see anyone carrying a handkerchief anymore. I am the odd person out. I cannot go anywhere without a handkerchief in my hand. And nope, those tiny petite ladies handkerchiefs wont do. My hands are quite big and I need the ones that are labelled as men’s kerchiefs 🙄 Recently one of my friend asked me why I haven’t switched to tissues which are disposable and may be more germ free etc. I tried and failed. I am used to my handkerchiefs or hankies. I would have to buy a new set now. And no, I did not have a reason to loan it to anyone so far. I don’t think they are unsafe while we clean the mucus or anything because I ain’t passing it(my hanky) round. I may or may not use it but I still have it in my hand. I have no clue since when I have been doing this, because I feel like its been with me forever. And I don’t really have a specific reason as to why I started having them or why I have them anymore. It’s just a comfort piece of cloth that I have to have with me. And I usually have a dozen with me so that I never run out of them 🙂 I found an article about ‘why a man should carry an handkerchief‘, but why men and not women ? I remember them being part of a woman’s wardrobe during those regency / victorian times right ? at least in all those novels that I read, ain’t it true? Do you carry a hanky with you ? If no, why not ?