Queen – Of Laughs and Tears

Yesterday when me and my friend had been to a little shopping, we did an impulsive decision to go and watch the movie Queen. I had seen the trailer but couldn’t make out much from it except that the heroine of the movie is roaming around in Paris. My friend said that it had good reviews and its a comedy. Never did I expect a movie this wonderful. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws, but it had a different story line and was very very well directed. And it was a little emotional and personal for me too. There might be some strong words used because this story comes too close to that of mine in real life. So I might use it to vent out a little.

Spoiler Alert:

It is the story of a small town girl, Rani (meaning Queen), who is wooed by a boy Vijay, who eventually grows up and when he settles in London, he feels that their marriage (their affair sort of arranged and accepted by both parents) will eventually be disastrous to both  because she is still that same small town girl and his life has changed. And this , the d-bag decides that it will be better to cancel their marriage, just a day before it. Every one in the girl’s family is broken and especially the girl who tries to hold on to him and remembers their affair from the start (thankfully it is not a full length flashback, it is done in bits and pieces where it is relevant. The only drawback is that you need a few minutes to find out if it is a flashback or not). Since he was in London, she plans her honeymoon (with all her savings) to be spent in Paris and Amsterdam. So once the breakup happened, she resolves to go there on her own and enjoy her honeymoon (sort of reminds me of an English movie, but don’t remember which one, something that had Mandy Moore in it). She has never been outside of Delhi, so once her flight is about to take off her resolve collapses, but then she has no choice but to go ahead. There starts her journey of discovery of a whole new world. God, the things she faces are hilarious and her totally-off-the-mark my-sense-of-humor-is-too-good jokes are too much to bear. She ends up (dramatically, I should add) with a (Indian+Spanish+French) housekeeping woman Vijayalakshmi aka Vijay who becomes her friend and shows her the ways of living life in Paris. Her antics after being drunk for the first time when she totally loosens up is too good. She also successfully manages to free herself from a bag snatching thief. But when she is trying out fashionable clothes one day , because of the persisting Vijay (girl) she takes a slightly bold photo and sends it to Vijay (boy) thinking it is the other Vijay. Now the light glows in the boy’s brain, thinking may be he made a mistake and spoke too soon. She then goes on her way to Amsterdam , where when she is on the train is contacted by Vijay (boy). He tells her that he wants to meet her and talk about what happened and he is repenting for what he did to her. But she ignores him and goes to Amsterdam only to find that life had more surprises for her. She had to share a hostel room with 3 guys (a painter from Russia – a handsome man I should say, a japanese guy  and a french musician) and there too the antics of hers till she is comfortable with them and how they become her friends etc is too good. She also has her first lip-lock with a Italian Chef 😉 Boy, that scene where it should have been all romantic was totally hilarious. I got tears out of laughing. When Vijay finally follows her and tries win her back, she avoids him nicely and sets her priorities right for once. And when she comes back she returns her engagement ring and says good bye to him finally and is happy to start her new life with full of confidence and belief that she is destined for better things or someone better than him.

So, that was the story. Kangana Ranaut was absolutely amazing. She is the pillar of this movie, because it is all about her and that is why we don’t have a well known actor for her lover’s role. She has done a pretty well job of carrying that innocence till the very end. You could literally feel the way she slowly transforms to accept the world and its ways and to know how to really start living for herself. That doesn’t mean in terms of looks or anything. Its about the inner being. How she finally does what she really wants to do for herself, which she had sort of sacrificed for her fiance and for a very long time. I can really really relate to that feeling. But it is also very scary to take that first step. I remembered myself when I saw her landing in the France airport and how different things were from her perspective. How the lifestyle of the people out there throws her out of her comfort zone but then how she sort of accepts and finds a balance between their’s and her’s, so that she is not the odd man out, but yet not fully into their culture too. Somethings are too difficult to change 🙂 The places in Paris , ah, that reminded me of my trip. Being alone in the most romantic place sort of sucks, you know when you have love and PDA all around, it does get to you and makes you uncomfortable. Especially the scene where she feels the Eiffel Tower is sort of chasing her is well done. There were lot of scenes where I literally had tears in my eyes, especially when she is given some opportunity to do something that was denied to her by her fiance and family, and she is made to feel that she is worth something, she did bring out her emotions very well. At least I just had tears because I could relate to a lot of it and I have cried enough about it already, but the lady sitting beside me in the theater was sniffling. I sort of felt better about my tears actually after hearing her 😉 The songs were also very well done and in fact were a big surprise because I hadn’t heard them before. Need to check it out. That Italian and the Russian guy’s were very easy on the eyes.

It might seem that it has been a little over exaggerated from the girl’s point of view, but the truth is that we do have such men who are confused about what kind of woman they want in their lives, still living here and especially if that girl is from small town, even though she is well educated and the only thing that she lacks is the exposure to the outer wide world. And it is indeed a story of a woman, but the irony is that when she was rejected by one guy, there were 4 who took care of her and not for her looks or anything, just for the person she was. And I know how that feels because I have felt and still feel the same. It reminded me of Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger and the lyrics of the song, especially when she says ‘thanks’ to him at the end, I remember the lines ‘You know in the end the day you left was just my beginning’. For a movie which could have been a serious drama, it was treated differently with so much humor and comedy, that all we could hear in the theater was laughs for a very long time. And that in itself scores the movie for me. 

Chennai Express – No comments

What can I say, I really did not want to watch this film. But when everyone around you starts to give references to this film (including my manager), I need to know what it is all about to really get the joke. I had already posted my views on the music of this film some time back. And that hasn’t changed after seeing the movie.

Kahan se liya aisyi bakwaas story (translated to: Where did you get this stupid story from) ? Sorry, I forgot, there is no story. It feels like it was made on a ‘as and when required’ basis. Shah Rukh is getting older (I know two of my close friends who are his great fans, but I still will go by it… He should here after think twice before getting himself involved in movies) and he has tried a comedy role after the mega flop of Ra One (I hope I am not missing anything after that !!!). I am no ShahRukh Khan fan. I liked a couple of his movies during his early stages, because the story was good, the screen play of those movies were better and he was a breath of fresh air at that time. Well, now, no more. Sorry boss. And please please please stop using Rajnikanth to gain popularity in South India. You don’t need to do that. You are already well known. Stop misusing his name for everyone’s sake.  What is this ‘Lungi Dance’ and why are they referring to Rajni in that song I have no clue. Do they know that Rajni has never worn a lungi ever in any of his film all through his film career ? or atleast after he became the Kollywood Super Star ? It was such a WTF song and sadly the music is so upbeat that it has already garnered enough attention. I introduced that song to my friend and her son to vent out my irritation and now it is one of their favorite songs. Go figure!!!!  (and that is why I am not posting a YouTube link of that song! I don’t want to promote it anymore).

Lot of South Indian actors used and lot of rip offs from South Indian movies (Gilli – is the main movie from which lot of scenes are lifted). Not only that, they also have spoofed the DDLJ  in good measure just to balance the scales I think. And what happened to Deepika Padukone? Is it me or is anyone else finding her resemblance to Priyanka Chopra too much with every movie nowadays ? She has really put on weight and I am not complaining. She looks good, but I don’t know, their chemistry or physics didn’t sit well in this movie. Remember I loved this pair in Om Shanti Om. Satyaraj, Delhi Ganesh, Mohanram – all totally wasted.

It is good that they tried to bridge the gap between two different cultures and all that thing. I really appreciate that. And this might be the first movie where they do it with big actors and it gets a much wider audience. But it could have been done with a better story line too. Not a comedy movie with nothing for a script. And to earn so much. What can I say? One good part I liked was the way they used the songs to communicate between them when they want to tell something in secret. That was well done. And I really appreciate the way Deepika (supposedly a Tamilian) speaks Hindi, because that is how I speak Hindi. I know to speak and read Hindi, but it is so laced with my Tamil accent and I always screw up the grammar, at times, my friends whose mother tongue is Hindi, bang their heads on the walls hearing me speak. And I don’t give it up just because of incorrect pronunciation or grammar. How will I learn then 😉 ? This one thing consoled me because I was really upset the way she spoke Tamil. Can’t they have some one dub for her with proper accent. God, as per the movie, she is from a local Tamil village and she spoke Tamil with all that Hindi accent to it. Really? Ek cheez tho acchi karthi?

I know I shouldn’t have watched this movie and feel so bad about it. When my brother called up and I told him that I just watched this movie, he was like ‘Are you crazy? why do you have to put your self through such agony?’. I was like ‘ yeah, tell me about. I guess I wanted to feel irritated for a change’. If I have to compare to any Hollywood type movies, it is like the Adam Sandler’s movies that at times makes you groan (not in a good way) as soon as you are into a few scenes. And I hardly watch his movies (except may be First 50 dates). So yeah, you get the point.

Another hilarious review of this movie (by one blogger I follow). She sums it all up very humorously.

Run Milkha Run – A Slow Runner

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Bhaag mean Run) is categorized as the Biography of Milkha Singh, but with a little bit of entertaining elements added to it. And they do not pertain to only the song and dance. Milkha Singh is an icon in India. Knows as the Flying Sikh, he is really a great inspiration to a lot of people especially at a time, when India was still recovering from the Independence struggle. It is no small feat. Also to come from a place which was torn during the partition and making it big to create a world record, it definitely is a very commendable act. I have not read his biography or even his life history in short format. So I will go with the movie’s version and I know I need to take the facts with a pinch of salt. I ain’t gonna explain the story. The Wikipedia does a good job. 

First of all, it is 3 hr (just a few mins less) movie. That is really toooo long. I ain’t a big fan of biographies or autobiographies. If I remember correctly, the last biographical Indian movie I saw was ‘Gandhi‘ (well, now you know my taste 🙂 ). I almost missed this movie and the one and only reason was Farhan Akhtar. He has done an amazing job (even though I don’t like his voice modulation, now he cannot do anything about it can he ?) He has put his body and soul to the character. His hard work shows. I really wonder why Sonam Kapoor’s role was brought in ? Even if it was a part of his biography, we need not include anything and everything isn’t ? The film captures everything in his life, till his big moment (of failure too). But the moment of failure is shown upfront, so that the film does not end in a negative note. Cannot have an inspirational movie about a sports icon losing a game now can we. The movie ends with a punch. A Pakistani General awarding him the title of ‘The Flying Sikh’. That is such a big thing, because of the history of the two nations and also because of his history with that place. So yes, the movie ends on that note. I appreciate that, but lot of things could have been edited. In between I felt the need to sleep off and I was sure that if I wake up after a few minutes, I would still get the story (it was sort of like the daily mega serials – which I do not watch). That feeling could have been avoided. His whole history is shown as a flashback where his early coach is explaining it. 

At times, too much of inspirational songs also becomes tiring to hear. In this movie, whenever he runs there is a song. It is a good movie, no doubt about it. And I really appreciate the effort put in it, because it can be a confidence booster to a lot of people. You would never know how a story of a person who struggled against all odds can inspire someone even in a remote place and who knows, they might go win the next Olympic medal for India (which we really need). We need these movies from time to time. But it should have been within a proper time frame. Here the movie is shared between his personal trauma (during the Partition) and his struggle to win in the competitions. Also packed in between is a love story and an affair and a near attempt. And finally till the end, he isn’t shown as married. I have no clue why the Havan song got recognized. Actually none of the songs stayed with me. It went well with the scene. Standalone, they did not impress me that well. 

For a movie about the fastest runner, it was moving very slowly. Irony, irony. It was like the scene where Milkha is made to add weights to his leg and asked to run. The movie was also like that. One other inspirational yet fictional movie which really did deliver was ‘Chak De India‘. It is wrong to compare that with this, but in terms of inspiration, I think that movie scored for me. This is a real story about a real person and I would have loved to watch it with some more editing done and because of this being the real story of a time when corruption was at its least, we don’t see any political motives, backstabbing or anything like that happening at a larger scale. Thank God for that. 

I know I criticized a lot about this movie, but it is still a good one to watch. 


Lootera First look.jpg

Lootera – One of the latest love stories of Bollywood. I am not going into the story here. It is a sort of period drama or in other terms its a historical romance (one of my favorite genres in books). I heard lot of good reviews about this movie. This is based on O. Henry’s short story The Last Leaf. I wanted to watch this movie just because of the reviews. And it does live up to the expectations. It is, again, not a great movie. It has its shortcomings in the story. But its really very poetic in its adaptation. Its a good attempt to take a short story and expand it to a movie with some good art direction. The much talked about chemistry between the lead actors does capture the attention. It is very slow, in fact too slow for comfort. But I guess if this movie was faster than it is, then it wouldn’t have had that impact. <<<Spoiler Alert>>> Love does make us do some weird things and that is how Paakhi finds herself back again with Varun, even though he broke her heart and also betrayed her father (which led to his death eventually) and also trying to save him from the police. Love is blind. But he does get his comeuppance at the end, but at least he got a chance to repent and save her in his own way.

If you like a good romance drama with some sad endings (he is a thief and saving him at the end is definitely not a good message isn’t), which is delivered in the form of a good poem, then you will definitely like this movie.