Regional Movie Updates

Some quick updates on regional movies I recently watched.

Yennai Arindhaal (Tamil)

Watched this movie of Ajith (one of my favorite actors in Tamil Cinema) when I went to my home town. Went for a night show with my siblings. Overall it was a good movie but it was a little slow. Ajith has aged ūüė¶ and Trisha looks very beautiful. But the one that steals the show is Arun Vijay. He has done a pretty good job as the villain. Good job. I like¬†Gautam Menon (the director)’s depiction of love and romance. It is always a little different. In this too, he shows the love between a single mother and a cop , which is not very common in Tamil movies. But Anushka wasn’t that impressive and I wonder why the first song was in at all. The movie goes back and forth in time a little bit and that is a little confusing but then that is Gautam’s usual style too. Songs werent that impressive.¬†Forgot them as soon as we left the theater. If only they had did some editing and made it a little faster, it would have been awesome.

Roy (Hindi)

Saw this over this weekend with a friend. The concept of the movie was good but it was too bloody slow. I almost fell asleep in some parts. It is about the parallel’s of a director and screen writer’s life and that of his character Roy’s. How their lives are entwined and how one woman plays a very important part in both of their characters is what the story is about. I really liked it to be honest. But it could have been a lot more fast paced. Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor, two good looking men and the trailer, that is what exactly got both of us ladies ¬†to the theaters. Jacqueline looks part Priyanka and part Sunny Leone. Acting wise there isn’t much to say, but I would definitely give credit for the screenplay and the story line. And it is sad that on a Valentine’s day this movie was only half filled, especially with such a star cast.

Bollywood Classics with a Twist

Do you like remixes of old classics ? I do, as long as it is done well and with¬†a little bit of jazz and beat to it without spoiling the essence of it. I grew up listening to lot of old Hindi and Tamil songs. Imagine my surprise when I found out this album by Mikey McCleary called ‘The Bartender – Classic Bollywood with a Twist‘. I gave it a try and to my surprise found the whole album fun to listen to. Hope you enjoy listening to them too.

My favorites of the lot:

Happy Friday !!!

Jiya Jale Ensemble

I might be a little late in sharing this, but then better late than never ūüôā There is a very popular song ‘Jiya Jale‘ by A.R Rahman in the movie Dil Se movie. This has a mix of Hindi and Malayalam in it. The Berkeley College of Music has released an ensemble of this song and its so beautiful to hear. I just loved it. So pleasant.

Finding Fanny

Went to watch the movie Finding Fanny today. The trailer itself showed that this movie is not the usual run of the mill kind. And its a very short one too. Even less than 2 hours.

It’s about Ferdie who gets his letter one night, which was posted almost 36+ years ago to his love Fanny in which he proposes to her. Since he doesn’t get a reply he lives his life waiting for his love. And when he sees the letter in his door step one day he is confused and upset that she didn’t even know about his love for her. There is Angie who is a young widow living with her mother in law Rosie (another widow). The guy who loved Angie (and was her friend) but never had the courage to tell her, Savio comes to town after 6 years. Another ‘artist’ Pedro who is a little crazy and wants to paint Rosie follows her everywhere. Angie decides that Ferdie’s love story should have a proper ending and convinces everyone on a short journey to find Fanny. What happens in the way, how each of them find their peace, their love, their rest is what the story is all about. Lot of wits and humor and sarcasm and one liners make you laugh, snicker and guffaw alternatively. Lot of¬†clich√©’s too. But overall it was a fun movie to watch. One of my friend wasn’t very happy with our selection. But the other two (including me) liked it and had fun. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and will only run in Multiplexes. But a very different one.

Tuesday Tunes

From one of the recent Hindi movies,Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, this song sung by the heroine Alia Bhatt is the high light (even though there is another fast dance number that is also played a lot). I was surprised that she could sing this well. Currently there are lot of actors and actresses who are taking to singing, which is a good thing, according to me.