“Of Fire & Ice” and some sleepless nights

I have been part of the discussions which have gone for more than an hour where in my friends discuss about the ups and downs of the various characters and in turn the kingdom’s, about who did what and why, arguing each one’s ‘idea’ of a particular event and how it could have an impact in the future etc etc etc. Do you feel lost right now? If yes, that is how I felt and if you already know what I am talking about, well, here is a request for you “I am joining the club and am a new comer, so please do not spoil it for me, yeah?”

Honestly, I did not ever think that I will start with this monstrous fantasy fiction, at least not now. But there has been some mounting pressure from all sides and one of my close friend who took to it and got addicted, persuaded me a little more, that was the final nail. Never was my other friend so punctual and prompt in getting me a book I had asked for. As soon as I said that I ‘might’ have to take up the series, I get his copy of the paper back book the next 2nd day. All that was left out was an induction program for the new joinee. May be all their discussions were part of it, who knows.

So yeah, I finally started on the “Game of Thrones” by George R R Martin, last Sunday with the preface and completed that 800 page monstrosity of a book and the start of a series in a week and that, for me, is a feat because the only thing I lost is a few hours of sleep every day (if I had slipped on my work schedules, it would not have been looked upon kindly at this moment, so had to be very careful there). I had a schedule for this book for the first time ever. To complete the 100th page  every day. So by Thursday I was well over 400 pages. Did I tell you I watched the first episode of the first season of this series and after seeing the ending of that, I stopped. I don’t mind blood and gore, but something about that kid hit me very badly. I decided not to trouble myself too much. I am really trying very hard to not reveal any part of the story as such in the post, which is very very difficult. But I do have a few things to say though and I hope that it won’t give away much.

This book gets you intrigued and hooked. I am not going to watch the series yet because I have 4 more books to complete. A very well written one. God ! I am so so impressed. And my favorite so far, Tyrion Lannister. He’s got the best lines in this book. And the one who truly rises in your eyes, and even literally, is Dany. And yes, my friend, who lent the book has already started discussing about the story line, what I think of a particular character etc etc. And as a matter of fact, because of the intricacies that are involved in each character (as is with every human being) and also the kind of mysteries that are left over every where, it becomes a very interesting conversation. No wonder my friends were at it for almost an hour. I would have been at it for more than that. But since I have been on the other side too, I would do well to remember not to trouble another person.

The only bad part of it is now I would be racing to complete the existing books and hope that the author completes the rest sooner or else I will be back to the way I was when I was eagerly waiting for the next Harry Potter book. I don’t mind it, but still. If that doesn’t happen, then I will try watching the series. Gonna start the second one, if I get my hands on it by then i.e. tomorrow.