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Reading Challenge

According to goodreads , last year I managed to complete 100+ books and I was glad to get hold of the available Agatha Christie ones from Kindle Unlimited and complete them as and when they were available. This year I have set myself a modest challenge for just about a 100 books. Let’s see how it goes. I managed to start it off with my favourite author and currently reading Reginald Hill’s A Cure For All Diseases (A Dalziel and Pascoe Novel) which we got as a paperback way back in August.

A week later…

It’s been a week now since the lock-down was announced. We baked a ginger cake to commemorate this. I am used to working from home (wfh) and since Mr M has been working part time, he too has taken to wfh like fish to water. I will have to see what impact it has on him in another week.

With my work, we were able to replace an exam with a coursework and get the semester done, create some resources for school students for offline activities etc. Lots of work done in a week tbh. I am sure it is going to calm down a bit in another week. Keeping the children engaged and interested after a couple of weeks is going to be challenging. My second niece who is just 9 years old was horrified at the thought that she can do some learning at home. “We have got some respite from learning now, why would anyone want to learn when we can enjoy playing all day long?” she asked me. I am pretty sure, after a few more days of fighting with her sister, even their rivalry will become boring for her 😀 (fingers crossed). As for the elders, my mom is going crazy having to separate those two fighting all day long.

When this is all over, I am sure some of my colleagues who are experiencing remote working for the first time (since most of them finished studies very recently) would find it very boring to get up and get ready for work 😉 Even more boring to face people in person and not via Zoom or Skype! My only fear is I might end up putting on some weight because after a while there is nothing more to do and while watching TV I love snacking. I am making a conscious effort to be very good and use my Wii for my exercises.

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their distances. The restrictions are going to be more severe, which is essential. Keep healthy and keep smiling. We can get through this only by holding on to hope and some common sense.

A-Z Book List: T for Tell

I had mentioned in one of my earlier A-Z Book series post that I got introduced to Fiction through a friend who owned almost all of Sidney Sheldon’s novels. I have read almost all of his works because she had them with her and I am a fairly fast reader.  One of my very favorites of his work is ‘If Tomorrow Comes‘. I have got a copy for myself when I found it in a 2+1 sale. With such a kick arse leading lady, Tracey Whitney, it was such a pleasure to read that novel. It is still my favorite of all his books. I could have used that book for today’s alphabet, but there is one more very appropriate one.

Name: Tell me your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Psychology, Drama, Fiction

It was another book that got me all wound up and I was not able to figure out who, what, when etc. All of his books have very strong female characters. And this one has three. All of the varied characters and varied levels of complexity. Or are they? Spoiler Alert. Yes. I cannot say anything about this book without giving away a very crucial information.

In Tamil, around 1997-1999 I believe there used to be a series called Marmadesam (Land of mystery). There were three main stories to it which were one the very few series I managed to watch (because my mom was a big fan of those) and I liked it too. Well, it was about mystery, mythology, belief etc. And it was done well too. The second story of that series was called Vidaadhu Karuppu. Karuppu is the God of the village where the story takes place and the title means, Karuppu will not spare you. So if you are doing anything wrong in that village, you better be careful. It was the first time I learnt anything about split personalities or multiple personality disorders. So it did help me to figure out the characters of those three ladies in ‘Tell me your dreams’ almost during the third half of the novel. That doesn’t mean that it did not make me lose my interest.

Later when a Tamil movie Anniyan was released, which was also based on multiple personality disorders, I thought it the director took his inspiration from this novel. Because it was too close. Three characters from one person. All three very varied in their behaviour. There are too many similarities to miss. But the director denied it. Well, whatever.

I also got to show off to my roommates and friends that I already knew what was ailing those women and they were quite impressed 😉 Of course, I did not tell them about the series I had watched already.

Sidney Sheldon’s novels can be very cliched and quite predictable after a couple of novels, but there were a good source of entertainment. And they are all mysteries.


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Lemony shawl

After some consistent pestering and convincing, Anita finally kindly agreed to knit a sweater for me. I have always liked her work and wanted to get one done by her. I am so glad that it is coming along so well. Thank you so much for the updates, Anita 🙂
And that color is awesome isn’t? Am already excited to see the final product.


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My (mis?)adventures with yarn

It’s Lemony because of the beautiful bright-yellow color of the yarn. I started this project because I wanted something different to do while I was trying to finish other projects. 😀 Some of those other projects are still not done, but this wrap finished up pretty quickly.

Lemony shawl

I first started with the top-down approach without any pattern in mind, working short rows coupled with increases until I reached a decent height, and bound off, only to realize that the yarn is pretty heavy, and it stretched the shawl so much that it looked like I was wearing a python. :-/ So I frogged it and started afresh, this time quite narrower.

I still wanted to stick to the top-down construction, and started off with a simple lace pattern at the top. This time, I thought of looking for some inspiration for a lacy bottom edging that I could play with…

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