Happy Diwali

Vacation – what’s your definition?

For my nieces and nephew, it means

  • eating as much junk food (courtesy: their adorable aunt … (coughs) that is me, of course)
  • Playing the Wii games almost the whole day
  • Going to a park or a mall in the evening (compulsory…) and the parks and malls should be different each day
  • sleep in late and wake up whenever they want
  • no reading or writing
  • never telling rhymes or stories, except for the ones that appear on the TV
  • buy and play with as many toys as possible and not bother to keep them in their own place
  • fight with each other and increase the blood pressure of their respective parents 😉 (with some help from their aunt)

For me,

  • No work
  • Waking up early to enjoy the nature (I tend to sleep in during work days 😉 , don’t question the reason behind these)
  • Eating pastries and snacks and putting on a little bit of weight
  • taking as many photographs as possible
  • Walking around places and just enjoying life
  • No phone (I tend to not use my phone during my vacation time except maybe to take photographs)
  • People watching
  • Watching sunrise and sunset whenever and wherever possible

What is yours?


Short Break

Amidst some chaos, going on a 3 day long weekend with friends to be with nature and a little less civilization. Some decisions are hard to make, but the set of choices given, does make a difference. And that was how the decision to go ahead with this long weekend trip happened. I am not sure if this is the right one, but this is the one I chose and I am happy with. I wouldn’t trade it for the other choice. There were too many variables that sort of messed up this holiday for me, but then as I always do, I found a way. So yeah, take care all & see you coming Tuesday. (No weekly photography challenge’s or SOCs entry from me this weekend)

In the mean time, wanna pick some crazy ideas from here and try it out (you can click on the image and zoom it, to have a better view) ? If you do try them, please do let me know how it went 😉


Keep Smiling , Happy Blogging, & Stay Safe.

Just My Luck

  • It hardly rains when I carry my BIG umbrella (like I am going to save the whole town from getting wet) with me and when I don’t, that is when it pours.
  • When I had long hair, it kept falling and falling until it started to look like a rat’s tail. Now that I have cut it too short, it grows enough to make it look like a birds nest.
  • I decide to beat the traffic and start early from home, sacrificing my early morning sleep and guess what, the whole town decides to beat the traffic the very same day.
  • When I do  work from home because it is a festival day (not an official holiday though) and to watch all those special programmes on TV, that is when all the channels decide to play all the crappy movies and I end up actually working the whole day.
  • When I have a demo (aka demonstration of my product’s features) scheduled (for which I spend around half a day to set it up) to the higher management, that is when the meeting is either cancelled or is hijacked by another team.

Sounds like perfect examples of Murphy’s law isn’t. I guess I should be happy about my once-in-a-while bad luck. At least I don’t have Stark Luck.