One extra day, but still …

I was talking to my friend and was telling him about the holiday that is coming up this week Friday (Pongal festival, for which I ain’t going home) and then about the one on 26th (Republic day) and how nice it is that both of them are on a weekday, thus earning brownie points from me (I love holidays on a weekday, don’t you? ) and he  (not an Indian, obviously) was like, ‘how many holidays do you guys even have’. I was telling him that this is one benefit of being secular and celebrating festivals of all religions 😉

Every year, the second half of the year is always filled with holidays, right from July (starting with Ramzan) until December (ending with Christmas) there are one too many holidays every month. And if they happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday, the better. Long weekends, less leave to apply for a vacation 😉 Possibilities galore. The first half of the year doesn’t have as many holidays as the second half. But this year, in spite of it being a leap year (not that it means anything, except that we have one extra day and I wish they declare that as an official holiday from here on, at least for people who want to follow traditions ) all the prominent holidays that usually earn us weekday holidays in the second half of the year fall on a Sunday. WTH. Gandhi Jayanthi – Oct 2 – Sunday, Diwali – Oct 31 – Sun, Christmas – Dec 25 – Sunday, The next New Year is also on a Sunday. At the least we still have Ganesh Chaturthi – Sep 5 – Monday, Independence Day – Aug 15 – Monday, Dussera – Oct 11 – Tuesday, Ramzan – Jul 6 – Wednesday. So it isn’t an utter and total disappointment, but still, I would have loved to have the rest of them too on a weekday. And my birthday also falls on a Sunday 😦 Not a fine year for holidays, no sir.

Merry Christmas!

Here is my Tatty Teddy and Me wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

SL-WEEK 4 : Weird Hollidays

For this week, Sylvain wants us to share about some photographs related to weird holidays. Here is a simple one.

Because there was this time in 2013 during my trip to Goa, where I fractured my ankle during the third or fourth day of the trip (it was a 9 day vacation) and after a day’s rest, couldn’t take it any longer and started going everywhere with my crutch. I hate being confined to a room during my vacation. Thanks to my friends, I missed only two days of the trip and the rest I took it slow but enjoyed it, even if I had to go and visit a couple of doctors, hope around with my crutch and another leg, hold on to my friends in case my swollen leg was gonna give up and come back to a 2 month bed rest and work from home 🙂 It was all worth it. 1-IMG_9688

And during the time when I was OK to walk to the beaches, saw a bull take a walk or rather run in the beach….1-IMG_8989

Some random updates

  • As I already posted in my AWAW: Create post this week beginning, I got a new Canon 70D last Friday and am yet to find time to play with it and explore it more. But imagine my surprise when my Zumba instructor pinged me to help her out with some of the class photographs to use it for her FB page. She liked the earlier ones I did for learning purposes and it felt so nice when she used one of her’s in monochrome as her profile picture, which was my favorite of the lot too.  Felt really good to be appreciated for something I did even if it was just for fun. And with the new camera, I did take some yesterday and she was happy with those too. One of them will be going to her FB page it seems. Yay!!! But I really wish I could spend more time with it
  • Work is sort of crazy right now and my holiday is gonna be spoiled with the work in between but I still get to be with my nieces and nephew so that would make it up. I have to remember to collect my dues from my boss as compensatory off later (and I already have decided the dates 😉 ) 
  • Even in spite of the crazy work, I ended up watching a lot of Robin William’s videos and blog posts. RIP Mr Williams. Somehow I ended up remembering this song when I heard of his demise: ‘Only human‘ by Christina Perri.
  • I haven’t heard much of old English music because I started listening to it much later in my life, but I did like the tracks in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you wanna hear it , you can check out the Grooveshark’s link here  for that ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1’ playlist.
  • I hope I will be able to keep track of the posts till this weekend, but I am not very sure. So I may (or not) go MIA from my blog (and test my resistance level to it). Here is to a bright day and lovely weekend for all of you. Take care and stay safe and keep smiling.



I am coming home

When my sister in law called up, I was surprised to hear my niece’s voice in the phone. I didn’t even get a hello before I heard the question about when I was coming home to them. Seems like she misunderstood my message to her the other day when I said that I will be visiting her next week. She has been pestering my sister in law daily after her school demanding why I wasn’t there yet. Hence the phone call to let her know about my plans and convince her that her mom wasn’t lying to her. Oh dear!

The same happened with my nephew who has been asking my mom ( his grandma ) if she wants to join him in his visit to my place since I am busy working and not visiting them. When I spoke to him last he was like “don’t worry we are coming there”. It’s been a couple of months since I saw them what with work getting tighter by the day. But I already had applied leave for an additional day next week to visit them over the Independence Day long weekend. I am so excited to see them as they are to see me. I just wish that I am able to wrap up my work so that it doesn’t get spilled over the holidays. Just another week and they will be in my arms.