A-Z Book List: Y for Yellow

Another of those alphabets where I haven’t read any book starting with that letter. So I am going to go again with the book that I would like to read.

Name: The Yellow Wall Paper by  Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Elaine Hedges

Genre: Horror, Psychology, Short Stories, Fiction, Classics

I remembered this because I saw a trailer for a movie with the same name or did I see it while I was browsing through the list of movies to pick and watch? I don’t remember now. But this name stuck with me. Found out that it was a 2012 movie which is based on this short story about a woman’s decline into mental illness. I haven’t read the story, just the synopsis, but that itself is enough to tell you that it can be very dreary and sad. These kind of stories always makes me sad. There are very mixed reviews for the movie. But the Goodreads has a very good rating for the book. I guess I should be in a particular mood to go through these kind of stories and not feel depressed at the end.

Let me see when I get the time to get around to it. If you have read this short story, do drop in your views or links to your views in the comments. Or if you have any other book starting with this alphabet that you have read and have enjoyed, please let me know of that too. Might come in handy next time ūüėČ

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A-Z Book List: D for Dracula

Not the one that Johnny Depp plays in ‘Dark Shadows’. Nope… This is the one that made Francis Ford Coppola adapt it to a movie with Gary Oldman playing the role of Count Dracula. I am not sure how many of you have watched that movie. Such an amazing one. I remember scaring my friends in the hostel with that movie. Made sure the room was dark with not a single light on and played the movie on a computer (had bought the CD version of it),¬†I¬†can still hear their screams ūüėČ I think I am jumping the guns here. Let us go in order.

Name: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Fiction, Gothic, Classics


When I started writing the genre of this book is when I realized that this is the¬†first book I read in paranormal. Twilight series was the second. The fact that this Vampire belonged to the same genre totally skipped my mind ūüėõ Wonder why. I saw the movie first and was so enthralled by the screenplay, the cinematography and the acting, that I wanted to relive it through the book. A big mistake. In this case, I loved the movie more than the book. Of course the movie did take some artistic liberties and moved a little hither tither from the story, which is usual, but that sort of added some glamour to it. Made it more spooky and scary. And I am not a horror genre fan. I never watch horror movies, if I can help it. Again, no spoilers out here. So without going much into the story, let me tell¬†you that I felt the book a little bit boring and the ending quite exhausting. I felt totally disappointed and to help me get back to a good mood, I had to watch the movie again. I gave it only three stars in Goodreads. Gary Oldman as the Dracula was so mesmerizing (can’t think of any other word). The book Dracula wasn’t so much. May be I was constantly trying to picture Gary Oldman in the ¬†book and it didnt quite fit and that made all the difference ? May be.¬†Not many¬†movies outdo the books, according to me. This one definitely did. Did you find this book better than the movie? If so, let me¬†know. Would love to know why? What did I miss?


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SoCS: Oh! the Horror of it

I read Linda’s post on Horror and then this week’s SoCS prompt came in and the first thing I remembered was the incident that happened in the “The House of Horrors” in Universal Studios, during my visit there with a few friends. What is House of Horrors got to do with being funny? Well, here it goes. I am not sure if I have already written about it and I am too lazy right now to check my posts, so pardon me if it is a repeat.

We, i.e 2 of my friends, a manager along with his wife and myself, had been on a two day visit to Los Angeles. We went to the Universal Studios on the second day and had a very nice time until the afternoon (or rather early evening). I am not a very brave person as such, but except for the surprise factor I am not easily scared. My home more or less looks like a haunted mansion at night when the moon is bright and if anyone else should be scared of then it should be the Ghosts or The Others who plan on visiting it because I can be more scarier sometimes. OK, coming back on track. When we entered the House of Horrors, it was decided that the guy friend will go first because he opted to lead the party, next myself and then my close girl friend (hope she reads this ūüėČ ) and then the manager and last in the line was his wife. Its a nice thing in there because they don’t touch you. So you are safe. “Things” come at you and stop so close to your face and all and the sounds and all the other effects (lights , shadows etc) are the ones that actually scare you more. So we were winding our way, screaming a little, giggling a little, laughing a little, uffing a little until we landed on the monster Frankenstein (I hope that it was him and no other monster). There he was sitting and waiting. You know these horror houses, if you notice very carefully, leave out the first or at least the first two people to make you believe that it is safe and then pounce on your feeling of safety because that is when you get scared a lot. So the guy almost was out and then I had almost crossed the monster followed closely by my close friend when it suddenly came forward and stood very close to that manager. We all turned around and stood shocked for a second because he shrieked very loudly. And then suddenly he pulled his wife before him and said to the monster ‘Take her, Take her, leave me please. Please don’t touch me’ and then literally vanished from that place (he ran so fast crossing all three of us standing before him that it was almost cartoonish) and his wife was standing before the monster dumb struck, wondering what in the hell happened there. It took us a few seconds (or even a minute of so) to come out of the haze before we started laughing (and no points for guessing what the wifey was feeling) and as soon as we got out, we sat down , right on the road, because we were in splits and our stomachs were hurting so badly with all that laughing. He was standing there looking sheepish and was getting a good dosage of reality¬†from his wife.¬†I hope he didn’t have a life of horror after that incident, even though I thought he deserved it. After all that laughing over the incident, we did feel bad for that wifey.

Was it funny/hahah or funny/peculiar ? I will let you decide.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: funny.¬† Funny/haha or funny/peculiar ‚Äď your choice. Go at it!

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Portable Magic – Solving the mystery

After my post graduation just before I joined my job in a different city, I remember going through some books and found a novel in the group (how it came there, I don’t remember). I only remember seeing it in my Uncle’s place some long time ago. That book did not have its front page and it was a well used one. It was ‘The Seventh Secret by Irving Wallace’. I still remember that story, because at one point of time, whenever I felt bored I used to take this book and re-read it. And this story introduced me to the genre of Mystery Thriller. And if it is related to Hitler and Eva Braun and their escape and the possible incidents that can come out of it along with some hard core action,¬†what is not there to like?¬† It was a good and very interesting¬†book, kept me at the edge of my seat and biting my non-existent nails ( I don’t have the habit of growing nails, something I grew out of since I used to go for those typewriting classes in my school days). I hadn’t read many books by then, but this mystery, suspense and thriller genre got me so enthralled that later it became my favorite genre among books.¬†I lost that book somewhere when I changed cities and companies and went to the working women’s hostels. But the fact that this story still remains with me is a wonder.

During my stint in a women’s hostel in the city of my first job, my neighbor was this woman, a social worker and one of the very strong human beings I have met in my life, and¬†a total enigma to me.She had a separate room for herself (I was sharing with 3 other co-workers) and never allowed anyone in her room and kept very odd timings. But when she slowly warmed up to me, and saw me reading my Tamil novel (yes, the same Ponniyin Selvan again) she asked me if I wanted to try some English novels. I was so happy to hear that. And when she opened her room to me, I was stunned. The shelf was almost full of books , all fiction. I didn’t know what to pick and was going through each of them. She then suggested me ‘If Tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon’. She was a fan of Sidney Sheldon and had all his books. And she couldn’t have picked a better book of his from that list. Till day, that is one of my very favorite book of Sidney Sheldon and I have read almost all of his books which she had in her library before I left that city. And I own a copy of this book with me now. This book also was in the crime, mystery, thriller category and I decided that I will stick to this genre and read as much of them as possible. I don’t remember a lot of books I have read in this genre even though I can name some, my first preference of a genre if I have enough time to read (not those one day quick reads) will be¬†Mystery and Thriller. But having said that I haven’t read any of Stephen King type horror cum mystery. That is something I am not sure I will be interested in. But would have to try that sometime.

And since then I used to pick up any book that was in that genre and that is how Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie also came into my list. And I haven’t read any non-fiction book till then (not counting my technical books). Who knew that those¬†can be fun too.