We were booking the hotels for our stay in India (going for a few weeks during Summer) and found this unique condition on one of the bookings.

Please note that at check-in, all guests must present a valid proof of identification and of on-going travel. Please note that Pan Card will not be accepted as a valid Id proof and refunds will not be made against such bookings. Please note that couples are required to produce a marriage certificate or any valid proof of marriage at the time of check-in.

Wonder what made them make this Important Information on the booking site.

Wordless Wednesday 

Give me those points

Are you one of those who love to collect reward points in their credit cards and later redeem them for something useful? I do that for everything. Hotel stays, Frequent flyers, Credit cards, you name it. I love to accumulate points in them and use them later when need arises. While I was travelling frequently for work earlier I used to stay in the same hotel close to my office and I had registered with them as soon as I had landed the first time. And every stay earned me considerable points. All those accumulated points helped me stay in Hyatt in Hampi and use my points for my stay. I didn’t feel bad for staying in a 5 star hotel in India that way and the best part?  I did not spend a single paisa from my pocket 🙂
I wanted a good sturdy suitcase for my recent travel and was feeling a bit apprehensive to shell out that huge amount to get a newly released model. So used up my credit card reward points to get a gift coupon and paid almost half of the cost through that. I am not obsessed with that. But I like to take advantage of the options that are already there.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “accumulate.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!



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