‘I’ on Pongal

Today is Sankranti or Pongal Festival over here. And since I didn’t go home, I did the next best thing to do on such a holiday. Went to a movie on my own that was released for this festival and that of my favorite actor Vikram. The movie is called ‘I‘ (trailer was done very well). Went for an early morning show so that I can come back and relax before I hit my gym in the evening (and a perfect excuse to not sleep in late)

I will try and not give any spoilers on that movie. But even before that, here is a picture from my phone of the display that was kept outside the theaters for the festival. IMG_20150115_094550145

Happy Pongal or Sankranti to all

OK, now coming back to the subject of the post. A very usual story line but the treatment is what makes it different. But other than everything else, the only one thing that stands out most, as in most of his movies, is the hero Vikram. Wow.. Just Wow…He is a body builder and a perfect chance for him to show his 6 packs and all which he did for this movie. He then becomes the ultra modern model which has a different look and again he does look awesome (even though I am that fond of him without his mustache) and the end a person with disfigurement where his emotions gets you every single time… and even in the scenes where he teases the bad guys…Really, the money was worth his performance alone. Hats off to you Vikram.

Amy Jackson, the cute little British actress, is a model so she gets to show case her pretty body without it being odd and she looks very good, no doubt. And I was glad that her lip syncs were bad only in a very few places. That means a lot.

Santhanam, his lines were simply awesome and was not overdone, as it usually happens. And surprise, you have Powerstar’s special appearance too. I was a little bothered the way the transgender character was portrayed. I wasn’t too happy with that.

Since I am not going into the story line, the going back and forth between the timelines to set the events in motion was a little disconcerting at the beginning but then you get used to it. Loop holes are there but then you tend to not bother with it when so much is happening. Felt like a little too many songs, even though each and every single song sound very good and is shot very very creatively and very beautifully, Shankar style. The cinematography and the action sequences and art direction all deserve a big credit. Especially the fights on the roof tops while riding the cycle was very well done. Amazing team work. It is indeed a visual pongal treat with Vikram. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And one more thing, I guessed the culprit even in the first half. It could have been a little inconspicuous.