Can you feel it ?

Have you ever really had a strange encounter with an unknown ? I call it unknown because I am not sure of how to call them (or it) Ghosts/Spirits/Visions !? Whatever they are. Names don’t matter here do they ? Lets leave aliens out of this. I think you get the point. I am reading Linda Howard’s novels one by one, and in one of them there is this woman protagonist (an artist by profession) who can see ghosts (as she calls them) and she paints their death moments later it happens, that too in her sleep. That lands her into trouble and we have a male protagonist to help her resolve the issues (and well, there is some very heavy romance also going on…)
I have never had such experiences, so I always give the benefit of doubt to those who do. Recently my very close friend was telling me how she feels that her father (who recently passed away) is always there in the house with her and she can somehow feel him. She says that sometimes when she gets up from her sleep she can almost see him standing there watching over her and telling her that things are gonna be alright and asking her to go back to sleep. She says that she isn’t afraid but that she is not able understand it and is sort of disturbed by that fact alone. I don’t blame her. I would be forced to think a lot about it too, wondering the reason behind these, how such a thing can really happen and all. I might end up having sleepless nights because of that rather than the scare of seeing some unknown.

I saw one very strange idea recently, but totally worth trying it šŸ˜‰ (hoping that no one gets arrested for this).

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Short Break

Amidst some chaos, going on a 3 day long weekend with friends to be with nature and a little less civilization. Some decisions are hard to make, but the set of choices given, does make a difference. And that was how the decision to go ahead with this long weekend trip happened. I am not sure if this is the right one, but this is the one I chose and I am happy with. I wouldn’t trade it for the other choice. There were too many variables that sort of messed up this holiday for me, but then as I always do, IĀ found a way. So yeah, take care all & see you coming Tuesday. (No weekly photography challenge’s or SOCs entry from me this weekend)

In the mean time,Ā wanna pick some crazy ideasĀ from here and try it out (you can click on the image and zoom it, to have a better view) ? If you do try them, please do let me know how it went šŸ˜‰


Keep Smiling , Happy Blogging, & Stay Safe.

Letā€™s pay it, are you up for it?

Maggie posted this interesting idea in her blog (I don’t see a re-blog option in her blog) Please do visit her post for moreĀ details of it.

And here is the text from her blog

The first five people that comment on this post with ā€œIā€™m inā€ will receive a surprise from me at some point this year (2015), anything ā€“ a book, a ticket, something home-grown, homemade, a postcard, any surprise!

And I joined her’s and now its my turn to try and pay it forward. Any interested to join me in this fun ? Wanna get a gift from me ? Please leave your comment with ‘I’m in’ and either Ā your email address or anĀ email to me.

And to use her last line as is

Remember the act is kindness so only respond if you truly will keep this going and fulfill your end of the bargain.

Probably not a good idea !?

When I got up today, I really thought it would be a relaxed one just like yesterday. But my expectation was short lived, as usual. And I was in this official call dealing with some last minute stuff for almost 7 hours straight, with a few minutes break in between where the cell phone company thought that I was talking for over 2 hours on my phone and they cut the call themselves every 2 hours and I had to redial. And now since I am waiting on something to finish, thought of taking a break andĀ post about something I saw a couple of days ago and which got me thinking a little bit. And pardon me if it feels like rambling because my head is slightly swimming with visions after seeing the monitor for so long. But can’t take a full break as of yet.

I saw the Jurassic World movie trailer recently after hearing about it in radio that it is done well. Whoa!! Way too cool. And sound effects were chilling.

And when I saw it later, I realized a few similarities from the first one, Jurassic Park. I remember seeing that in theater and being in awwwwwe Ā That gate, the lake, the way they want to evacuate, the gyro-sphere etc. Then found a webpage and an article which explained all the similarities between the two. Amazing and very well done. Definitely a must watch in IMAX and 3D, what do you say? Honestly I am not a big fan of Dinosaurs as a living being. Am glad to have so many centuries between them and me, you know. While talking about the trailerĀ I asked my friends,Ā if there was such a world would they be interested in visiting it at all ? or is it just the fantasy of it that they like. One of them told me, ‘Hell no!, I am not going anywhere near them’ and the other was like, ‘if I had enough money to pay for that trip, I would definitely go’.Ā And when I asked him if he wasn’t afraid of them, he just said, ‘I will be in my gyrosphere, what is there to be afraid of?’. And when they asked me, I just replied, ‘I won’t go anywhere near them or the part of the globe where they reside. Especially if they are genetically modified, I won’t even think about them.’

Then I got thinking about my reply. Not a few days ago, I was again confirming with my friends about our next trip to a African Safari and trying to gain as many votes. Not many are interested, but there is still time to pull them to the dark side šŸ˜‰ Now, is the Jurassic World any different from any other Safari that we do ? If we leave alone the part where they might be alive because of genetics ? There is always a risk involved. Wild animals are just that. They are wild. But don’t we get a thrill to go by their natural habitat and see them in their natural environment ? And accidents do happen (even in a zoo in fact) and they can turn against us in a blink of an eye. How isĀ visiting a park Ā full of dinosaurs in an island Ā any different ? When I think of myself sitting in that gryosphere and looking around and being close to them, I get goosebumpsĀ and think that may be it is indeed a good idea (damn my curiosity and that rush of adrenaline) but when I calm down my skin gets ice cold. I know that I won’t harm any animals, but the animals don’t know that, do they. What if my kindest act triggers a predatory instinct in them ?

What do you think? Would you visit a Jurassic World if there was one?