Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

Squad songs

Another music video from the soundtrack of the movie Suicide Squad. I don’t know much about the comics but I am definitely looking forward to this movie. With so many good actors and the trailer looking so sick, why wouldn’t I 😉 It is releasing in India on 5th August and I will be there by then. Until then here is ‘Sucker for Pain’

Heard that ‘You don’t own me’ by Grace and G-Eazy is also in the soundtrack but I am not so sure. I love that one too 🙂

Tuesday Tunes

I’m going back to my roots
Another day, another door
Another high, another low
Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom
I’m going back to my roots

Had to lose my way
To know which road to pave
Trouble found me
All I looked for was
Washed away by a wave

Cosmic Musicology Test: Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name…

Once again, the ‘Cosmic Musicology Test‘ by Steve. Here are this week’s questions and my playlist answers.

I’m so proud of…?  

Dance with me tonight – Olly Murs

Yeah, there was this time when we had a house party at a friends place and guess what I did a dance number. I never ever dance if you don’t count my Zumba classes, before anyone else. Only my nieces and my house walls are privy to that disastrous attempts.  But I sort of morphed my dance to try a Zumba number and I am really proud that I did it. Yay!

I’m so ashamed of…?

Bottoms up – Brantley Gilbert

I think the songs are getting repeated, well, whatever. I am not exactly ashamed of doing bottoms up because that is the only way I know to  🙂 Trust me, I just can’t hold my drink. I sort of finish it like I drink water and hence my resistance to go beyond the first glass.

My guilty pleasure is…?

Every night – Imagine Dragons

Huh? OK. Let me try. My guilty pleasure is to go home and read a romance book (especially when the work is tough) every night. Is that even a guilty pleasure ?