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Tuesday Tunes

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As of 8th Nov, when the elections were a hot topic in US, our PM decided to break it to our nation at a 8 pm national telecast that the 500 Rs and 1000 Rs shall be banned from use henceforth. In an attempt to curb black money, this extreme measure has been taken. I am no economist and I hardly use cash unless and otherwise required so I hope that this step helps in its purpose in the longer run. I had these two saved notes, along with other country currencies I have, as a memento. Now that these are no longer valid, I would have to deposit them in the bank and have a 100 Rs note in the memento box.

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Found an article about Kerala (The Indian Venice, I think that is what it says on the cover) in a French Magazine, while on my way from London to Cork in the City Jet flight . Wonder why a French magazine instead of an Irish or an English one!?