SoCS: Switch on that damn indicator

Indicator – There is a reason that the vehicles have them but out here hardly anybody uses it. I freaking hate it when people don’t switch on their indicators before making a right turn. How much work is that going to be. It should be part of the muscle memory just like switching a gear for godsake. Especially the autorickshaws here, they sort of own the road. They twist and turn and drive in any direction they want. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with an urge to nick their vehicle just like that, especially when they turn and almost get very close to my vehicle just because I didn’t have a clue as to what they were going to do without that damn indicator. And the other worse part is when they don’t switch it off after they have turned. When will these people learn? I will end this post with one more entry. Mickey Mouse dons a new avatar. Yup. He and his folks are now in India in a brand new avatar. This new avatar was revealed on Mickey’s birthday , if I am not wrong. And guess what! He is riding an autorickshaw. Here have a look. All is well…

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SoCS: Side to side


The first time I was driving my car from my home town to Bangalore we took the road via Kanakapura and entered the Bannerghatta Road via the NICE road. My dad and my brother were accompanying me as it was my first long drive and I was still a nascent driver. At the end of the NICE road stretch (which confuses me even now), there is a small curve which leads you to two paths. One is the Bannerghatta Zoo which is still on the Bannerghatta Road and the other is the Bannerghatta Road. Former is on to the right side and the latter on to the left. Automatically my mind decided that I would have to turn to the right side and I put the indicator to the right. But at the last minute my brother screamed that I should be taking the left and not the right. Since I was still jittery with my driving, I didn’t realize I would have to stop and look to my left side and just like that turned to my left. All I could hear was a loud screech sound and the heavy beating of my heart and a look of OMG in my dad’s face who was sitting on the passenger side. A Mercedes Benz car was about to drive to my left assuming that I had my indicator to the right and that means I was obviously turning to the right side. No wrong on his part. He was super pissed (no wonder) because he almost drove into my small and cheap car which could have been crushed like a bug. This is where my brother , being the nice sibling that he sometimes is, apologizes to him and tells him that I am relatively a new driver and lost my way etc etc.. and got me off the hook. I still don’t know what else he said about me , because I was so intent on getting my breath back. And finally after getting my bearings back, I started on the road slowly. My dad turned around and looked at my brother and said, ‘Can we please switch seats ? I don’t want to be in this seat if she is driving anymore. I think that isn’t fair to that stent you people paid so much to fix in my heart and please call your mother and let her know I am still breathing and we did indeed make a grand entrance to Bangalore’. I laughed out so loud in spite of the tension. Damn that old man 🙂 But since then I have been very careful to make sure to use the indicator signal to point to the right (or rather correct) side.

One day I was driving one of my friend some place I didn’t know and was relying on her for the directions. When we came to a T junction, I asked her which way I should be turning and she said right. So I turned right, and she was like, why did you turn this side?. I was confused. I told that it was she who told me to turn right. She looked at me as if I was mad and said, ‘I told you to turn right’ and she was showing her left hand to the other side. Instantly I burst out laughing because she wasn’t even aware that she was doing it and then stopped the car and show her the right (or correct) way to indicate left and right side. She was embarrassed but then laughed with me and we had to turn back. There is another friend who also gets confused. So I would ask her a solid 2 minutes before I have to make the turn because she takes time to think which side is left and right and then point to the correct one. I can actually see her trying to imitate eating with her right hand and then decide. Girl, if you are reading this, I always liked that quirk of yours. It’s cute.

And here is some fun test: According to this test (Which side of your brain is more dominant?) it seems like I use my brain equally on both sides. Talk about balance 😉    


Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Your Friday prompt for Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post is “side.” Add a prefix or a suffix or use it as is.