I was telling you recently about how my iPad had some audio troubles and I have almost stopped using it. When I was back from the service center, I got myself thinking. I am able to use my Wii console to watch my Netflix (I have disabled my set top box account so no more TV). People must have had some solutions already available to be able to stream my contents from my iPad to the TV. So I checked out the free apps that are available on the console and saw that YouTube was available. I downloaded it. But it was asking me to login. So I checked online if there was a way and voila! there is was. Its like the Bluetooth pairing. You open the YouTube app on the Wii console, go to the settings and get the pairing code. Open the YouTube app on your phone or iPad, go to the settings and click on the Connect to TV option and enter the pairing code and after that you can use your Wii Console, and in turn your TV, as your screen. I was able to use that and play one of my saved videos for workout. It was cool.
Now, wouldn’t it just be easy to login to my YouTube account on Wii Console and go from there? It would but the keyboard typing is too difficult in that and would take me a long time to get to a YouTube video I am looking for. Using my iPad or my smart phone to type and get the video is quite faster. Now I have to check if I can do the same with my Skype. That would be amazing 😉

Article Reference:  Use Any Smartphone to Remotely Control YouTube on a Computer

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Cars and games

I almost forget that I own an iPad. Because ever since the speaker stopped working all of a sudden (the voice is very very feeble) , I haven’t been using it for my Skype calls. And since Kindle replaced my iPad as my reading device (I did use my iPad for almost 3/4 years as my reading device) I hardly find any use for it. But the only ones who have been using it are my nieces and nephew whenever they visit me or I visit them. Recently when I took it to a service center to see if they can fix the speaker, which apparently they cannot and suggested me to do exchange it for a latest version…..No, Thanks!, I realized that most of the apps that are there in the iPad are all games and none of which I play. I am not into games. I don’t have any game on my phone. I did install some during our Bali and Cambodia trip but those were mostly puzzles and were used only in groups. When I took stock of the games on the iPad I was surprised to the see the number of games related to Cars. Yes, those belong to my nephew.

I don’t know what I expected from the kid who has this collection at his home.

Can you count the number of cars in this photograph? And this is just a small set of the ones he owns. My sister didn’t find a big enough table to display the whole set. 🙄

I can’t wait for him to come visit me next weekend and he has already told me that he wanted a Thomas and Friends set and like a good aunt I have got it ready for him 😉

Snowman on a school bus.

What happens when you let your 4 year old niece to paint a school bus (on the iPad app of course) ?
She did tell me that she wanted to go to a place filled with snow and that she would bring with her a carrot so that she can stick that as the nose of the snowman she would build. I really should try and take her somewhere before she grows out of this phase.

Pounding the Penguin

I was copying the photographs from my phone (a very simple Samsung with a very average camera) to my hard disk, I noticed this picture. This is my second niece pounding the talking penguin in my iPad. This game is a hit with my nieces (both of them) and my nephew. My nephew likes it because it does that cute little dance, which he tries to imitate along with the graceful bow he has practiced from it. My first niece likes to hear the various sounds it makes. But my second niece, the rowdy of the lot, loves hitting it. Side effect of that is that I get slight heart attacks every time my iPad goes through that pressure. No matter how much I ask nicely, she never listens. This poor penguin has been beaten and misused so much so that it has stopped working. I have no clue as to who did what, because I generally switch off the Wi-fi if I give it to them, but they still manage to stop or even corrupt some games.

2013-10-10 11.24.17

In transit


Half of the vacation done. Have been enjoying it so far and muy bien. Now in transit to a new place. Hasta pronto.