Bannerghatta Zoo

We took my nieces and nephew to the Safari (We took the Jeep Safari) and Butterfly park in Bannerghatta National Park. We couldn’t cover the zoo because of the heat. Here are some pics from the Safari. My first niece is now totally put off on the word Zoo because of the scare she got when the tiger started chasing us (and we were in a closed jeep). My second niece (the rowdy of the three) was so brave that she was trying to get close to the window and calling the tiger and lion and challenging them (hey! you! what do you think! I am not scared of you – these are some of the phrases that she was yelling in her broken sentences) and my nephew, was sort of undecided on whether he should be scared or amazed. So he kept quiet and was having a look at the animals and as soon as we reached home , went to his grandma (my mom) and started telling the story of how the tiger almost attacked us (That poor tiger just was intrigued by the jeep and was trying to come near and see what it was , so when the driver picked up speed it sort of ran towards us…that is all it did)

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