Jigarthanda – Intelligent & Interesting

Karthik Subburaja’s 2nd directorial venture  Jigarthanda (loosely translated as The Cold Hearted One) after his first successful movie Pizza (a super natural thriller, which I immensely liked and got remade in Hindi recently in 3D). I already heard lot of good reviews about this movie and didn’t have a clue as to what it was about except from the trailers it looked like a another Madurai based Gangster movie, but then I heard that it was a comedy too. So I wasn’t very sure of the actual genre of it. I heard the songs very recently and even though nothing actually stood out and caught my attention it was pretty decent. The music in the trailer was really very good even though it had some Quentin Tarantino effects to it. Now who wouldn’t like that.

As usual I am not going into the story in detail here. The hero of the story is obviously the screenplay but apart from that the one and only person who catches our eyes through out (even may be because it is his story from the beginning to the end) is the antagonist Sethu (played by Simha), the Gangster on whose life Karthik (played by Siddharth) is building his new story line for his first movie. Taking the help of his friend Oorani in Madurai where he is planning to follow the gangster’s life to learn about him more so that he can have a realistic story (so that he can put below the title ‘based on a true story’ in his movie). His plans to gain information goes for a toss and they end up being tagged with the gangster himself, who sort of confesses all his crimes to him. In between there is a small track with a girl who is linked to the gangster, who falls in love with Karthik, and he sort of uses her love for his gain. Finally after all the trouble and lot of drama that goes on in the gangster’s life, Karthik is forced at gun point to make a movie with the gangster himself as the hero. How Karthik turns it against the gangster and what happens then is the final part of the movie. In between we have enough cameo appearances by lot of other prominent people in the film fraternity.

All the supporting characters (including the heroine Lakshmi Menon) have done their jobs very very well. We cannot guess what would actually happen at each and every stage. Something or the other new thing keeps coming up building the story in totally different directions. Too many twists is tricky because it can sort of put you off the movie. There was a time I thought I was getting bored, but then it bounces back. There is a slight slack in the movie at times but again they manage to pull back the audiences. It has drama, action (not the hero based action, but mostly the villain based action), comedy, humor and emotional scenes too. Surprisingly no duets as such and no heroism and in spite of that it was good. This movie does deserve the attention and the appreciation it is receiving. A Good Movie. Now Karthik Subburaja’s third movie will be an added pressure to him. Will he make the hat trick ?