Life’s journey is always easier when you hear a friend’s footsteps beside you. – Franklin A Ohiozebau

Took this with my phone at the Baiyappanahalli Metro Station, when we went on an impromptu journey in the Namma Metro from M.G Road to Baiyappanahalli, Bangalore. After a Sunday brunch, when one of them suggested that we should do a journey in the Metro just for fun, every one agreed instantly. It was already close to 6.30 pm and night was fast approaching, so was the time to depart after a whole day of food and fun. It was a pleasant ride, not too crowded. It did remind a couple of us of our metro rides in Spain during our trip last year. Sunday was a funday.

Waiting for the next journey

Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return. – E. M. Forster

Finally completed my journal on the Pune Trip that I took almost in Sept-Oct. It was too late, but then better late than never. Before the journey into the next year begins. Before I did that next journey to another place. Before losing those precious moments of adventure and fun of the previous journey and let them fade away from my memory, even if those 1000’s of photographs would still remind me of them. It is always special for me to relive those moments and cherish the small things that we enjoyed and that gets left out in those pictures. I am glad I finished them yesterday along with some more decluttering on my home front for that get together that is planned this time in a very very very long time at my place for the New Years. 

All I wish is that the upcoming journeys in and of life are fun and exciting and wonderful as always. I don’t mind some surprises in between too 😉



“Creation and destruction are the two ends of the same moment. And everything between the creation and the next destruction is the journey of life.”
― Amish Tripathi, The Oath of the Vayuputras

Waking up to the rainbow

Took this during a bus journey (hence the blue tint in the image) from Segovia back to Madrid. When my friend pointed me to it, I sort of screeched or yelped or did something similar to it and got my camera and within seconds everyone in the bus were wide awake and I could here their click, click, clicks at the rainbow.


Nos vemos


Volveremos en de quince días.
hasta pronto y estar a salvo 🙂
I did use Google for this. So you might want to do the same 😉 (The language of the place I will be visiting)
Will be gone for a fortnight or so. And hope and pray to come back safe and healthy (there are some bets going on about what I am gonna break this time , given my past history last year). Keep safe you all and enjoy 🙂 There might be some posts that might be on the way but depends on the wifi. Otherwise, see you all when I am back. Ciao.