Ransom (Highlands' Lairds, #2)

I really really wanted a good love story to ready before I start off on some serious ones or continue with the ones that I have left partially and every time I need such a story, I invariably choose historical romance. There is a sort of charm and warmth in it. That is how I chose Julie Garwood’s Ransom.

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

In addition to it, it has not one but two love stories, even though the second one is only a small part of it, a love story it is. The story is about two sisters, who get separated, one is held by the captor and the other is taken over Highlands (yeah, its a Scottish story) and brought up there. The little sister, who is captivated is brought up by her Uncle in a different place, only to be summoned after 15 years, to go and get her elder sister who is part of a clan in the Highlands and to retrieve the treasure of the King that was long ago given to her sister for safeguarding. How she meets Brodick and whether she meets her sister, what happens to the treasure…all these form the story. I like my heroines feisty and strong and a little brattish. And that is exactly Gillian is. She also endures a lot physically too, which makes her lovable in the eyes of Brodick, the Laird of the Buchanans. Even though they have an attraction towards each other from their first sight, their love for each other grows slowly. Brodick is sometimes very daft, even though it is charming at times, at times its frustrating like it does Gillian. Her affection towards Alec is very sweet. Sometimes kids forms bonds so quick and so strong, its surprising. And yes, their questions… my god… Alec is like a typical 5 year old. Asking question even before you end the answer of the previous one. That was very sweet, especially when he tries to look out for her. But sadly their association is not portrayed in later scenes because she is concentrating on her sister and the traitor. The identity of the traitor is revealed  much earlier. It is very easy to guess based on the reactions of Gideon. On a side track you have Ramsey and Bridgid’s love story, where Ramsey is the Sinclair’s Laird.

The only non cliched part of it was the coming together of the sisters. It was more practical and sensible and felt refreshing not to have them identify each other and throw themselves in each others arms. Obviously they wouldn’t know each other after all these years.

It was definitely a very good read because I rarely realized the time (around midnight) when I finished it and felt very peaceful and calm after reading it. A beautiful love story. I really love happy endings.

The Bride – Delightful

The Bride (Lairds' Fiancées, #1)

The Bride by Julie Garwood is about Jamie (yeah! its a man’s name) and Alec, who, although can raise the other person’s blood pressure to the highest value with just a blink of an eye, are the best suited couple and aye! an English and a Scot at it too. This book was in my to-read list when I had hunted for historic romances some time back, but for some reason, went down in my list. This is definitely not the same as the Victorian stuff I had read earlier, but it was nice. Both Jamie and Alec have their own fiery attitude and their deep love to both compliment and contradict each other. Its sort of cute to see that.

Its a very simple love story and about how an husband and a wife, who were forced to marry each other, sort of find themselves in a predicament both are not willing to quit from i.e. their love for each other. How they slowly find the other person part of their own life is sort of cliched and you would know that they will definitely end up together and all that stuff, but the journey of their discovery is what matters here. Jamie is a strong woman with her flaws too and yes, she is dumb at times, but a woman’s strength doesn’t make her immune to some dumb activities do they? Well as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and provides for some entertainment, why not ? It sort of brings out the naivety and innocence in her. I really liked her. She knows when to shout and when to submit. Even Alec, since he is determined to have her forever, he is too patient for his own good and there is his promise to keep (or she is sure to remind him of that).

At times Alec’s attitude of being ‘the husband’ does get to me :), I cannot take orders like that too, and sure it gets Jamie all riled up, but when he succumbs to her or at least tries to balances the power between them, its just too romantic. And Jamie is my kind of strong woman, wild , vulnerable, loving , head strong, practical and balanced. I sort of figured out about Annie from the beginning so that part sort of didn’t give me the thrill (may be the courtesy of already reading too many mystery and thriller novels or just plain hunch…)

Simple, delightful, quick read if you want a good romance novel.


Don’t ask me why I felt this song will suit this story, but it sort of crept on me when I almost completed this story.

I’m into you – Jennifer Lopez ft Lil Wayne