Vacation – what’s your definition?

For my nieces and nephew, it means

  • eating as much junk food (courtesy: their adorable aunt … (coughs) that is me, of course)
  • Playing the Wii games almost the whole day
  • Going to a park or a mall in the evening (compulsory…) and the parks and malls should be different each day
  • sleep in late and wake up whenever they want
  • no reading or writing
  • never telling rhymes or stories, except for the ones that appear on the TV
  • buy and play with as many toys as possible and not bother to keep them in their own place
  • fight with each other and increase the blood pressure of their respective parents 😉 (with some help from their aunt)

For me,

  • No work
  • Waking up early to enjoy the nature (I tend to sleep in during work days 😉 , don’t question the reason behind these)
  • Eating pastries and snacks and putting on a little bit of weight
  • taking as many photographs as possible
  • Walking around places and just enjoying life
  • No phone (I tend to not use my phone during my vacation time except maybe to take photographs)
  • People watching
  • Watching sunrise and sunset whenever and wherever possible

What is yours?


Driven by emotion

  1. To the guy, who was driving before me very slowly and so far away from the car before him that people stopped for a second to see who it was in the car before they overtook him and to my amusement this guy opened his visor to check in the mirror there if he had something on his face and was trying to settle his hair, dude! it isn’t your face that needs fixing.
  2. I am really very happy that my olfactory senses are shot and I can’t pick up odors most of the times. Especially when you end up being in a lift full of people and they have just come from the sweltering heat outside and are all sweaty.
  3. Coming back to driving, I was tempted to bump into the guy before me (not the same as the guy in the first point, this was a little later) so that my bumper will get attached to his tail gate and I can drive both our cars forward because this guy wasn’t going anywhere even though the road before him was quite empty. It might be that he was just learning to drive, then he should have the L sticker his car, to let the rest know so that we can find ways to overtake him (not that I had an option in this case, but I would not have cursed him to hell) and if he was just taking his time driving, knowing pretty well how to drive, then he is an a$$hole and deserved every one of my curse.
  4. When I heard that my dad’s moped got stolen yesterday, it brought back memories of my first cycle which was also stolen. It wasn’t just stolen, it was removed part by part and they left the unwanted parts strewn around in the backyard (our rental house had a huge backyard and I used to lock my bicycle there). One of those times when I thought my anger would have burned a hole through someone, especially the culprit. That was such a hard earned bicycle (won it after a bet with my dad) and he didn’t even have the courtesy to take it as is. He mutilated it. I hope the thief is rotting in hell.
  5. I think I am in a killer mood today 😯

Just a random thought

Recently when I was discussing with someone about talking to my mom about an issue, I told them that I am never sure how she would react to something I tell her. In my experience, I have always seen that when I expect her to be all shocked and flabbergasted in turn leading me to some slight high pressure moments, she goes like ‘hmmm…’ and then nothing… and then my pressure drops suddenly. That is never good. And then when I expect her to be accepting, she becomes all cranky and reacts as if I have gone back in time and have meddled with the events and hence meddled with the future too…as if the whole evolution is my fault. That is when I go on a ‘WTH just happened’ mode and I can never find a way out of it.

During that discussion, I found out one thing. I am not sure if that is true, but I know that I have been there once and I will never forget that moment. So probably this is what goes through my mom’s mind too and why she reacts that way. Are you ready ? OK…here it goes.

Let’s take an example. I was pretty sure, she was gonna go ballistic on me when I tell her that I got a tattoo done. So, I start with ‘hey mom…you know what… I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time now..but never found out the right time….I know it was a risky thing to do but then…’ pause for some effect. Now as soon as I open the line… ‘I have been meaning’….my mom’s mind creates a whole mind map thing and creates if’s and what if’s and what I might have done…and it invariably goes to the worse case scenario and she starts to think, what has she done now…is it related to her life, has she done something again that will harm her, what am I supposed to do, why is she like this ? etc etc etc…and after a few nano seconds where she has all the worse possible things I could tell her, she is now waiting for me to choose the worst from them.

And she is already planning arguments, counter arguments or ways to accept in her own way…and by the time I am there to tell her about the tattoo…she has got a spectrum of bad things I can tell her to the worst things I can tell her.

Now if what I tell her falls in the lesser than bad point of the spectrum, then she goes with ‘hmmm…its not a big deal’ ( and in her mind she thinks…at least it is not as bad as I thought…Good Lord! and has a mental phew! moment) but if it falls on the other end of it , that is worse than the worst of her spectrum, she goes ballistic. Because she hasn’t mentally prepared herself for it even a teeny tiny bit. And if it is within the spectrum, she is ready for the battle with her arguments all mapped out.

So with my tattoo…I guess it was on the lowest scale of her spectrum and she just went….’you are nuts!’ and left it there and never spoke of it again.

I am sure, this may not make much sense…but it could a possible scenario to consider isn’t , especially when you are trying to figure out people and their reactions 😉 ?

Will you answer these weird questions ?

I saw a link somewhere which listed almost 100 interesting questions to ask someone to get to know them better. Honestly, i don’t know if I will remember the answers if I ask someone or if those answers will actually reveal much about the person.

Then I thought, why not pose some weird/interesting (at least to the one who asks the questions)/fun (depending on the answers) and see what kind of answers come up. So here is a list of 10 questions. Would you be so kind to respond to those either in the comments or in a reply blog post ? You can also post your set of 10 weird/fun/random/interesting questions to others and see what kind of answers you get 😉

  1. Do you remember any of your dreams ? If yes, tell me your weirdest dream!
  2. Is your second toe longer than the big toe?
  3. One question you always hate to answer ?
  4. Your weirdest quirk ?
  5. Do you nod while answering to someone in the phone instead of saying it out loud ?
  6. Chocolate or ice cream?
  7. Have you ever eaten a chalk (the one we use to write on the black boards) ?
  8. One of the weirdest names you have ever heard ?
  9. How long can you not blink your eyes ?
  10. You are playing arm wrestling with a kid (for simplicity , let us say the kid is below 5 years) , will you lose just to make them feel happy ?

Catch* Books

I heard a lot about the book ‘Catch-22’ and so I got it when there was a deal going on. But honestly, I couldn’t go through with it. No idea why. May be I wasn’t in a mood to read that kind of book that time. So it went to the back of the book shelf. And ever since then I haven’t had a mind to try and read the same. It was the same case with a ‘Catcher in the Rye’ too, but at least I did manage to finish that and wondered what the big deal about the book was.
May be with age or a different time, I might change my views on these books. But for now, they are there safely tucked at the back of my bookshelf.

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