Sabaash! Sariyaana Poatti

Sabaash! Sariyaana Poatti (Translates to : Very Good! Perfect Competition)

This dance competition  from the 1958 movie Vanchi Kottai Valiban (Young man of Vanchi Kottai) is my ever favorite. Nothing can beat it, as far as I have seen in Kollywood or Bollywood. The dancers are Padmini and VaijayanthiMala Bali. Both are amazing dancers and actors who are also well versed in the traditional dance form Bharatnatyam.

The premise is that these two are trying to woo the prince who is in hiding (well he is the one with the beard and cuts the rope at the end). Padmini (who dances first) is a simple dancer who is in love with the prince and she conveys it through her song. Seeing that VaijayanthiMala , who happens to be a princess of another place and who is also in love with the same prince, decides to pitch in and prove her worth both to Padmini and the prince. What ensues is a competition of strength, style and passion conveyed through dance. I am glad that to see this video. I don’t think we can get a original copy if it. And this is a 8 minute long piece.