Berry’d Alive

Yesterday we had been to Berry’d Alive, a small and very cute place that caters to your dessert cravings.

We chose ‘A dessert a day?’ , what about you ?


The ambience was very nice and colorful.


There were quite a lot of lovely and fun messages posted on the wall.

And we chose a Blueberry Chocolate Cheesecake to try.

All is well that…

Saturday did start a little dull. Just one of those days, you know when everything seems dull , and I almost thought of cancelling the brunch I had earlier planned with friends and join them only for the movie Interstellar. But then at the last minute decided to go ahead and boy, was I glad. We went to this place called ‘Dice n Dine‘. A place where there are so many games that you can keep playing till your heart’s content along with some good food too. We ended up spending almost 3 hours there, not to mention a lot of food and money.

IMG_3131 IMG_3132 IMG_3133 IMG_3134

The first game one of our friend chose was ‘Cards Against Humanity‘. I never knew I had a wicked side to me, until that game. I won the first round with the most outrageous answers that I never would have thought of or said in real life. Wow! that was so much fun that I asked for a another  game almost at the end when we had less time left to leave for the movie. IMG_3128

And then we chose something called ‘Say Anything’, basically to test how well you know your friends. IMG_3130

We almost chose ‘Game of Thrones’ but since it was a long game and we were running out of time we decided to forgo that.IMG_3135

And instead choose ‘Trivial Pursuit’. I am so bad in General Knowledge and was the least scorer in this. But among all the answers the one answer that stood out was, the tea that has the most antioxidants present is ‘not’ the green tea, but the ‘white’ tea. Hell, I didn’t even knew there was something called a white tea till then.IMG_3140

And I ended up having a big cup of ice-cream all by myself (sorry, I never share my chocolates or ice-creams) which made all of it much more sweeter.


What started out as a dull day ended up pretty good with lots of fun.


Glow in the dark

On Saturday, after watching the movie ‘Happy New Year‘ (a few words about this movie will come at the end) we went to this art cafe called DYU as suggested by one of our friend. She is a regular there. It looks like an old Kerala styled house and I just loved it. It was raining very heavily hence couldn’t take much pictures of the place (next time hopefully). They had paintings all around which is said to glow in the dark. And some of the painting were kept in a closed space we were trying to take pictures of it and seeing that the owners switched off the lights for a better view 🙂 Here are those (taken with my phone camera). And the food there also was very very good. Very fresh and tasty. IMG_20141025_174927974IMG_20141025_174945145

Now the above painting in the dark.IMG_20141025_175110182

I particularly loved this piece.



And now a quick word on that movie. Granted we went only to have some fun, but seriously that was very badly done. We did laugh at some stupid stuff but it was because we did intend to do it.  The whole heist is taken in Dubai and Hotel Atlantis is so beautiful especially during the dance competition. Very average story. I was surprised by Abhishek Bachchan though, to be honest and I have always liked Deepika Padukone. She has danced very well in this too. What I really loved in the movies ? The final credits part, not because the movie ended, but I like how Farah Khan gives credit to each and every single person who contributed to the movie, right till the drivers by making them appear even if for a few seconds.


When we went to BonSouth for dinner I was pretty sure that I am just gonna watch my friends have a nice buffer dinner , because I was already feeling very full. But then as and when the items came by, it made my mouth water and then the next thing I knew I joined the buffet. Damn my taste buds. There is only 50 Rs difference between a veg and a non-veg menu and there were enough of veg items to try too. The only complaint was that the chutneys were a little bland. But the service was very good, they heard our complaints and got us some mildly spicy peanut chutney too. The live counter has dosa’s, roti’s and appam. The Elaneer (tender coconut) payasam was very sweet and yummy. And you are not allowed to pay any tips to the waiters 🙂 They totally rejected it. It was very good. Not truly and exactly very South Indian-ish, but still very tasty and different.


Chillin’ @ Gilly’s

We had been to Gilly’s Resto-bar for a birthday treat. It was a very cozy and nice place. Since we were sitting in a non-smoking area it was slightly darker. The starters were very very good (even though it was a little spicy).

If you check out these photographs you can see cool and wonderful quotes all over.