What does it even mean?

While we were driving back from my home town to Bangalore yesterday, my brother’s friend gave me this to snack on. I just couldn’t help laughing for a very long time. Yes, it was chocolate coated cashews alright. But what did they mean by the rest?


All about the beef

It is a tricky word to use here in India, what with all the #BeefBan and all the jazz that is surrounding that. (In short, in India, especially in Maharashtra, they have banned Beef. Check the news article for more details if you are interested) And I am not going to go into the subject at all. I don’t really care. But I am not sure how well it will go for the future if these kind of bans keep coming on.
This video by Shaze called #AgainstLabels sort of talks about all those that are happening in the recent times. Not a good thing actually if you see it from a social angle. But then…I never understood politics nor religion and definitely not the people who make these kind of decisions.

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