One-Liner Wednesday

Read this somewhere recently.

After Tuesday, even the calendar goes WTF


Posting it as part of Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday.

Simple things

I am feeling lazy today (yeah it is officially a holiday and¬†I was tempted to¬†sing ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything‘ courtesy:¬†Bruno Mars) and even though I had so many things to do, I ended up just listening to songs (one of them which was on repeat is added below) , reading ASOIAF and ¬†a very long video chat with my folks , which included some crazy and super-high-on-sugar kids who were fighting to see their faces¬†on the camera and some of their excitement was also to¬†tell me how they celebrated Diwali. My first niece promised to save me some sweets, away from the sneaky¬†hands of her father ūüôā I love it when she becomes all caring and considerate. Thanks to the rains this time, at least here where I am, the fireworks have been very very less.


And now to the song of the day: