WPC: From Every Angle

Now for this week’s photography challenge, I have got to reuse an already discussed subject, ‘The Squirrel at the Cabrillo Lighthouse’ because I got to photograph him from every angle possible that day.

When I knew that this squirrel was gonna be around for a while, I switched to my zoom lens and sat on the ground not too close and yet not too far from the subject, so that I can get my shots and in the process not disturb the subject in their search for food too.

You tell me if it was worth it.



Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”
Author: Anne Lamott

Good Day

It was a Good Day when I landed on my feet correctly without breaking my ankle (again) after a very fun filled Sky dive 🙂

When you want a picture of a favorite place to come exactly the way you want it ? That is indeed a good day.


And when you keep your alarm so early to catch that glimpse of Sunrise and it turns out to be so awesome that all you do is sit back , put your feet up and enjoy it… That was indeed a very good day!

Light of Inspiration

Today I am going to combine two weekly challenges in this one post.

For Sylvain’s Weekly Challenge this week, its the lights
And Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge for this week is Inspiration.

I am going to go with a Lighthouse today. I did a set of posts on the various Lighthouses I have been to. I always find Lighthouses a source of inspiration. A Beacon of Hope. I just love them. 1-IMG_9239

“If lighthouse becomes a burning candle,
flickered upon ocean’s insanity.
Your sailing heart there anchors to handle
the obsessed breeze towards sand dune’s vanity.”
― Munia Khan

As of this photograph is concerned, it was taken at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. I did not want the rule of the thirds to be followed here. I wanted the subject to the right in the center. And had to wait for the exact time the light came in my direction to capture that moment of brightness. Am not sure how I can explain the reason as to why, but this is how I wanted this picture to look like and am glad it came out as I wanted. Hope you like it too.

I could do with a lot of hope and some inspiration today. Have a great day ahead.

Point Arena Lighthouse

The Point Arena was my final lighthouse during this US Trip while on my way back from Fort Bragg. I wasn’t very sure if I will be doing it but then at the last minute didn’t want to miss a chance and since I was driving through the Highway 1, I thought ‘why not?’
This is the one where the First Order Fresnel Lens is seen and you can visit the top of the lighthouse, even though sometimes there might be a waiting time. For me, it was about 20-30 mins because there were some school kids waiting for their turn. The view from the top was awesome and I managed to see another whale (a bigger one actually) from the top. You have to pay some fees if you want to go in. Most people just parked outside of the gate and took pictures from there. Also this is the point where the San Andreas fault goes into the sea.

Please click on the photographs for a larger view.