Come May and I will be again on my 2-week long vacation to an International location. I think I have made it my ritual to do that 2-week vacation during the first week of May every year. This is my 4th year. And I hope to continue it as long as I can. As part of the lunch table conversations, the plans for summer vacation came up and the folks asked me where I was going (not, ‘if’ I was going, but ‘where’. They have come to know me well by now). And then one of them turned to me and asked how many countries have I visited. Do I have a list or a map plotting them. It got me thinking. For me, it is about the places/cities I visit that matters, not the countries. But as far as statistics goes, it is as good a place to start with, to plot the countries I have been and see how much of the world I have been to. Found this site on the Internet and selected the countries I have been and voila! I have got my map ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

I still have lots of places to cover don’t I ? A mere 6.66% (wicked number isn’t?)…have to remedy that. I guess with this year’s place added, it might change, but I refuse to add it until I have done the travel.

But then I have my own set of plans with respect to places. Let me see if I manage to complete that at least.

visited 15 states (6.66%)
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Now that I finished my A-Z book title series before the actual A-Z Challenge started, I was wondering what other’s are writing about for this month’s challenge. The day has just started for the Western Hemisphere so there will be more posts coming along. Until then, here are some links which I found to be interesting.

Rob is writing about The House of Plantagenet and he started it with Aquitaine.

Sandra is doing poems and she started it with Ant

Joshua is writing letters as part of the theme to his daughter and he starts it with Amazed & Altered. It was a very lovely read.

JK is writing about ‘Places to visit in India’ and it starts with Alleppey in Kerala and so is Joanne, who is writing about her travel adventures. She starts it with Australia.

Good luck to all those who are participating in this challenge.



omg! lol!!!

I got this video from a friend. Couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud in office ๐Ÿ˜† I can see myself there duringย a training that I had attended a couple of months back. I bet lot of us have the same problem ๐Ÿ˜‰

The video is so… cute and so adorable… don’t you think so ?