GoT Fan Art!

If you aren’t a fan of Game of Thrones series / books you might as well skip this unless you want to see the art!

When I saw the following tweet today morning, I laughed out ALOUD, because of the brilliant art work and how each character is portrayed so well that you could see their faces from the series. I especially loved Tywin ­čśÇ

Then my friend said that Mari Moreno was the author for these and sent the Deviant Art page link. And also the artistic view of other Houses too. It is simply amazing. Brilliant work!

In case you need the rest :

House Stark

House Targaryen

House Baratheon

Have a great day ahead ­čÖé

SoCS: Change is good but not easy

Ask any Taurean, we do not deal with changes well. We need safety and security in our lives. So like any Taurean woman, changes spook me. I get all worked out in my head once you tell me about a change and I try to find out various way to either escape that or to deal with it with minimum impact in my life. For such a person, I have had a few incidents which have been life changing in many ways. But as Rafiki and Simba say in Lion King,┬áchange is good but it is not easy.┬áSometimes nature makes changes look beautiful and easy. See how the roads are lined with different colored trees, the evening breeze laying them on the road for us to see it closer. And when autumn comes┬áthe same trees are empty waiting for a single green leaf to liven it. But changes in a human’s life are not always pretty or comfortable. Are they ? I have had my share of hard core changes that left lot of my beliefs turned inside out. But in spite of those, I still have some hope. Hope that there will come a day that the change that happened and the lesson that I learnt will lead me to contented life. I still get all tensed up with respect to changes in my life, but I am aware that they are part and parcel of this journey and I try my level best to accept them with a smile, even though most of the times it is not that easy and the only thing that I think┬áduring those times is ‘where on earth can I go and hibernate myself for a very long time ?’ ­čÖé

I honestly┬ádon’t know what I have done with today’s post. Guess it became more of a rant than anything. See changes still spook me a little ­čÖé

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday post conducted by Linda. Here is today’s prompt:
This week your Prompt will be ÔÇśchangeÔÇÖ in any form or definition of the word. Play with it, and have fun!