OK to walk

It has been a year since I was in India. In Bangalore, I have always had a two-wheeler (scooter) and a car. So I am used to driving everywhere. So when I came for the summer break to Bangalore, it was odd not to have the transport readily available (I sold one and left the other in my hometown). One thing that I have developed over the year of using public transport and walking as much as I can in London is that this time in Bangalore I have walked at least a km or two every day based on what work I have and where I have to be. For the past three days, I haven’t thought twice about walking around and I know that earlier I have had my reservations about it. It is still dusty, still very polluted, no proper footpath for pedestrians, still honking vehicles, but in spite of all that I am OK to walk around. It felt good. Since I had much work to do and it usually takes a whole day, I end up not relaxing or exercising. So I am using the walking as a form of exercise. It is not doing my sinus or allergies any good, but then my allergies have been there for a long time now and this isn’t causing any additional damage. If it is not the high pollen of London then it is the dusty roads of Bangalore. One way or the other it is going to affect me so I have decided to just take some precautions and leave the rest for my body to try and heal itself.

The one other main difference was the price of the autorickshaws. They have almost doubled over the year or so I thought. I nearly had a heart attack the first day when I hired one. I forgot how much internal damage these vehicles could do to your organs. I haven’t travelled in one for that long because of owning modes of transport. Thank God I had some light breakfast.

Hopefully after this week, after getting all the essential legal and financial work completed, I will relax and enjoy the vacation.

If I get good WiFi I will also try and post some photographs 🙂 Stay safe and Keep smiling.

Runrig – The Final Mile

I am not sure how many have heard the band Runrig other than the UK and Europe, but Mr M is a huge fan of them. He has loads of their cassettes. They are doing their final tour now and since Mr M was keeping track of it, we managed to book two tickets for their performance in London which was held at Apollo, Hammersmith. It was a Friday night event and it was very well arranged. The entry, the bag checks etc.

I have never heard of them or their songs for that matter. Even though Mr M was playing some songs of theirs I was always doing something else (for example: reading my kindle) that I hardly bothered to listen. I had no clue how they would sound and what their songs were like. There was no intro music or anything. They started on time at 7.30 pm (maybe a couple of mins late) and by that time the event area was totally packed. You could see the hardcore fans wearing their T-Shirts and getting ready for the gig.

They started with a bang and I was taken by surprise. They sounded very very good. I totally enjoyed the whole performance. All kinds of songs, old and new. There were so many people who were joining in. They had very good stage presence and each one of them (total 6) were great on their own. They played a few Celtic songs. You could see some Scottish flags waving from time to time. The audience pitched in whenever they were asked to. Mr M was in his own world. Towards the final, they introduced themselves and told their story (short) and showcased a variety of instruments.

It was a very lovely evening and they performed until 11 pm, which wasn’t a small feat. They have so much energy, so much love for their music that you can’t but enjoy it and enjoy it well.

It was such an irony that it was my first time listening to them and their last time performing in London. Even though they have decided to call it quits, their songs will live on forever.