Warwick Castle


Yesterday was a very good day to visit Warwick Castle. The weather was good. It was not very crowded and we got to see all the shows which were brilliant. More photographs to follow later.

View from the top


A view of the city (London) from the top of the Emirates Airline.

WPC :Liquid

Mother Nature is the greatest artist and water is one of her favorite brushes.

Rico Besserdich

WPC: Unlikely

Mahatma Gandhi¬†is the most well known Indian and his statute is almost everywhere. There is one near Euston Station in a park. It is highly unlikely to see a Tamil Scholar’s statue anywhere other than predominantly Tamil speaking areas like Singapore, Malaysia etc. So, it was a surprise for me when I saw Thiruvalluvar¬†near SOAS Institute in London. They also run a Tamil Speaking course.

Wordless Wednesday