Soul What?

Recently one of our friend, who is known to make funny faces in each and every photograph, messaged that he found his soulmate in Celeste Barber (because of her recent parody that sort of went viral) but sadly she was already taken. This led to a discussion on soul mates. Even though they can’t be together does it mean that they can’t be soul mates? (this question was posted just for fun…but then..can they ? )

In one of the dating site, where they ask you the questions to figure you out (how do I know about this ?? Well, I will come to that in some time 😉 ) they do ask you if you believe in soul mates. I skipped that question in fact! Because I used to believe in it and thought I would find mine sometime someday. But may be with my experience or just the age or whatever, I have become a little more cynical. Mind you, not unromantic just a little cynical in things that are termed ‘forever’. I would love to have a ‘forever’, but will not waste my life yearning for it. OK, so now coming back to the main question. Do you think soul mates exist? I know lot of us have experienced love at first sight (which I don’t believe in). So its highly probably that there will be lots of people who have found their soul mates. But how do you know ? Obviously there is no list, even though this site clearly lists 10 elements of a soul mate. Or rather is it an alien concept in this fast moving world where instant gratification is all that matters ? Did you know the story behind the term soulmate, from Wikipedia? It sounds interesting isn’t. Can we truly find someone who can speak to your soul ?

The statistical probability of love at first sight – quick and cute

The book ‘The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight‘ was picked because a) for the title…. I was wondering what Maths has got to do with Love. b) I needed a quick romance to clear the cobwebs of tension from my mind.

Again, to tell you what I thought of it upfront. It is really a very quick and cute read.

Spoiler Alert:

An American girl is on her way to London to attend her father’s second wedding. She is totally not happy about the way she lost her father and attending his wedding to his new love is something she doesn’t want to do at all. Plus she is claustrophobic and is afraid to travel by plane. She also misses her flight by a narrow 4 mins and is scheduled for the next one. 

She meets this cute Brit guy studying in Yale in the airport who tries to help her when she wants someone to look after her luggage so that she can pace around to relieve of her stress of flying and her emotions. He helps her in more ways than one. They both are very comfortable to talk to each other about their issues, at least she is. She tells him about her father (with some flashbacks) and even though he reveals a few things he is still tight mouthed about a lot, which leaves her wondering. They have an instant attraction / chemistry towards each other with sparks flying around unseen. 

After landing, before going through the customs he kisses her and then they get separated. She is on her way to her father’s wedding where she realizes that she has been missing on his life because of her misplaced anger and how she was happy to see him there looking all peaceful and happy. She also realizes about the 2 pm funeral which sparks her to life about the cute guy and she takes a chance to find out if it was indeed that guy’s father’s funeral. She rushes through London only to find him there and he reveals his anger towards his dad. She leaves him a book (a gift from her father) for him. And realizes that may be they weren’t meant to be. 

Later in the evening , at the reception, he comes back with the book and they get a chance to restart something afresh between them without the pressure of a wedding or a funeral. She also reconciles with her dad.

The whole story happens in a matter of 24 hours, of course with some flash backs to tell you the background story of the girl. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Maths. She keeps wondering why she was meant to meet this guy in the airport of all people and why they were comfortable with each other. Lot of things could have gone in a different way but the probability of her meeting him in that big airport and have an instant connection keeps nagging her which also motivates her to try and meet him in an unknown place (this being her first visit to London).

“Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world.” – Very true. And her mom says that’Marriage is even worse 😉 ‘ I agree on the first one and second one, well no comments there for now 🙂

I am so not a believer of love at first sight. I can read all about it, revel on the events on some else’s life if they happen to have it, may be ask someone who feels it, to take a chance on it if I feel it its worth it. But I personally don’t believe in it. I believe in attraction at first sight and I have seen that first impression is not always the last impression. Looks does play a part but you should know to see beyond looks. After some time you can sense if a person is trying very hard to impress you or they are just being the person they are. Also you cease to put more belief on the impression of any person based on the first few meetings. Even though I have had gone by some gut instincts to believe on people even with the first meeting but hey, they aren’t related to the matters of the heart.

But beyond that, this book also explains a girl’s pain where she is caught in between her parents when they decide to separate and when she is angry that his father did not try hard enough. She is not ready to understand that they have grown apart and now they are happy to find someone else for them. Because she is left in between. But when she sees how the guy’s father cheated on his mom and how he resents that they would have been better off if they had been separated, she realizes that she is in a much better place than him and glad that her parents at least have found their peace. She also finds that speaking with her dad about what she thought and in turn learning how she is still his favorite daughter and is valued as was ever, makes her burdens a lot less.

I have always wondered how at airports, train stations, blogs etc, people get to know each other for a few hours or so and feel the comfort to talk to total strangers about what is bothering them , which they might not do with known people and how they are form a very short relationship which ends with that journey. But sometimes that small conversation can become the start of something new too…just like this novel.

A quick and cute read.

Love At First Sight

I was browsing some short films before going to sleep and I absolutely loved this one. I do not believe in love at first sight. But this is so freaking cute. Did bring a smile on my face. If you are a believer, just be careful huh!!! Who knows when the arrows would strike 😉


Good night and look out for those arrows.