Tuesday Tunes


This video clip came up as an advertisement while I was trying to check out something else on YouTube. The initial few beats caught me (I give fair chance to the ads for a couple of seconds you see) and I went on to check it out and was totally impressed. A Girl Band by Warner Bros, when did that happen? Ā A cool song I should say šŸ™‚ I haven’t checked out the video as of yet. But I did like this one very much…

Be who you are yeah – that’s the motto

xoxo – L2M

Liking a Lyric Video

I like Enrique’s latest album which has the BailandoĀ song. Another one from the same album. I listened to this song first and recently saw this video in VH1 channel.

This time its with Flo Rida and in fact I love this lyric video so much that IĀ sincerely hope that they don’t make a official video for this. This scenes are so pleasant and lovely, I prefer to have this as it is. Probably this will be the first timeĀ I am preferringĀ a lyric video.