Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Pondicherry

Part #2: Pondicherry, IndiaBeaches_Pondicherry

Pondicherry, another very popular tourist place and a place where so many Kollywood (the movies made in Tamil Nadu) movies are taken if they want to have a foreign feel to a place. Mostly because it still has the old French charm to it 🙂 There is no proper beach if we go to the main place in Pondicherry, because they are all covered with rocks as seen in this picture. We have to get down those rocks and enjoy the water. And the road just next to the beach is full of Government offices. May be the architect in those days wanted the people working there to enjoy the view of the Sea. I envy them 🙂 (except may be when Tsunami affected it badly) So ideally this wouldn’t qualify as being in a beach, but there are places near to it and on the way (of which I don’t have a digital picture’s) named Mahabalipuram and also another place called Cuddalore which has very nice beaches (not probably clean and non-smelly). There are private beaches in Pondicherry owned by resorts which my friends have tried and said that they are worth the money.

Mahabalipuram is also known for its famous sculptures (and is part of a very history when the kings and queens ruled the place and promoted sculptures and this was a place dedicated for it and not to mention that it also features in another novel which I really like) even though sadly they aren’t well managed. But again I visited it sometime around 2008. I am not sure how well it has fared now. I would love to visit it again sometime. Along with a trip to Pondicherry too.

Cuddalore is a prominent fishing town and has a port of its own. This is the place where you have those rides which takes you from the backwaters and joins the sea. It is a wonderful experience to see the sea opening up from those narrow water path. And you should try that in speed boat 🙂 Mahabalipuram has a beach next to those temples known for their exquisite sculptures and when I visited it , the water was a little rough and a little scary too. But does that deter people from swimming  or getting a quick dip ?

Thinking about this place again has made me want to re-visit it !sigh! I would have to do something about it.



PS: Post is part of the series: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses