Word Play

In Bangalore there is a bar called ‘Bak Bak Bar. Its a little high end and since no one treated me in this place till now, I haven’t been there yet. So I wouldn’t know anything about it. But this post is not about that anyway. The outside of this building has this line written ‘Come and Bak Bak‘. The first time I ever laid my eyes on this and the name of the bar, I was wondering why someone would name it on how a chicken sounds like and why would they ask you come and make noise like a chicken. Of course, I kept these thoughts to myself, lest that I appear more stupider than I actually am to my friends.

Then after some time, on a nice and shiny day,  the light went on inside my head and I realized the true meaning of it (even though it took some time , but I was glad that I  did not ask any one). Bak Bak in Hindi means ‘to chit chat‘. So it is a place where you can spend time and talk all you want about anything and everything. That is why they had written it : ‘come and talk for as long as you want’. Gee!!! the relief I had that day to have that one finally figured. I couldn’t help chuckle inside a little at my stupidity. But how would a person know that it was supposed to be understood in Hindi and not in any of the 28+ languages we have in India or even the common language of the chicken. And you want to know another fun trivia. Bak Bak in Norwegian has as different meaning (I have to verify it with Maggie May though). Google translate tells me it means ‘Behind the rear’ or rather ‘back back’  (peeche peeche in Hindi) (according to proper Norwegian to Hindi Translation of Bak Bak).Now when I read it I just couldn’t help myself but laugh out loud , in office. I have no more words.