The Science Behind Yoga

An interesting video about Yoga and the science behind it along with its benefits.

First solo long drive in India

After so many years of driving in India, this is the first time I did a solo long journey. Last Saturday I drove from Bangalore to Coimbatore on my own, non-stop for a total of 6 hours averaging at 70kmph.

I was a little apprehensive about it when I had planned it , because I haven’t done something like that before and I wasn’t sure how to handle any problems in my car, if that happens. But then I did not find an alternative option to leave my​ car with my sister, now that I ain’t using it anymore. 

I started at around 8.45 am after a couple of eggs as breakfast. I decided to stop somewhere if I felt hungry. But then I just kept driving on and on and when I felt hunger I was close to my home town. So decided to just get there and have my lunch. 

I have always enjoyed driving. But driving on my own with just me and my thoughts and my songs, and sometimes the lack of it,  it’s like a meditative process. I loved it. I had a good old playlist which has always helped me with my driving and I used it this time too. I thought that after a non stop drive like that I would be sore. Thankfully a couple of stretches helped me with my stiffness. Now that I have done that I am a little bit more confident about my  driving. And my good old car supported me like a champ that it is. 

Letting go

The context of this post is something I started last week, but never got around to completing it. It was also a reason for my yoga based post for yesterday’s SoCS prompt. I have never been good at meditation. I have come close to calming down a couple of times, but have realized that I can never completely empty my mind. I dread to think what will happen if that ever happens 🙂 The reason being that I cannot let go. I am not a control freak even though I expect a little discipline in things I am involved in. But other than that I have become a little chilled out (than what I was much earlier) thanks to the mellowness that comes with age (or rather the acceptance that I cannot change or control everything in life). My thoughts travel so fast in all directions and I can think of too many things that I switch between context’s even before I can complete one train of thought. My friends know how I speak out of context suddenly (that happened today too) without any preamble and then I have to trace back to the actual point of the switch of my thoughts. Letting go of the thoughts or emotions and to go with the flow is something I am not good at all. I have never been and I am not sure how I will fair in my older age. While talking about it to my friend today on the way back from our brunch (photos will come later), I realized that more than letting go I am afraid that I would have to restart and trust me I have done my share of restarts in life and it is not that easy. But then life never is.

OK, that got a little too deep and emotional. Lets move on. I realized while writing the post, that I know of 4 different songs titled “Let * go ”  with 4 different contexts, even though at the end it all boils down this

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go. – Herman Hesse