Michelle & Meg – Paul’s Blogathon

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Do you like Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer? Are you crazy about them or their films? Do you want to see what other’s say about them, their characters and their movies? Paul at ‘Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies‘ is running a Blogathon this month which features reviews of their movies from a lot of other bloggers. Sadly, Paul’s domain is expiring this April (as I gather from his post) so he is planning to get this Blogathon done by this month. If you have any post which you want to feature there, do let Paul know. I have enjoyed reading the posts and while you are there, do make sure to check out Paul’s other posts on these two main ladies.

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Back to Back

How many times have you seen the movie ‘French Kiss’? Me? I just lost count. Every time that damn movie comes on TV, I end up watching it. Yup and that happened yesterday too. Please tell me that I am not the only who is so obsessed with that movie and Meg Ryan. Oh! She looks exactly as is said in the movie. There is a line in that movie, where this guy Bob tells her ‘You have the face of an angel. I’m delighted to find the mind is a little devil.’ Cheeky, yes, but she does look like an angel in that movie. I love her mannerisms and the way she makes faces. Its so cute 🙂 So I end up watching the movie, again, munching away on my ice cream and nacho chips (with the hot and spicy salsa dip), irrespective of how many remakes I have seen of the same movie. One such remake in Hindi was ‘Pyar To Hona Hi Tha‘, which sealed the deal of real life romance too for those two lead characters, who got married after this movie, if I am not wrong.

I was about to switch off my TV and get back to my cleaning and getting ready for work today, when this ad for the next movie comes up, which is ‘Dolphin’s Tale‘. God! How can I resist a cute kid’s movie with a dolphin in it? So I end up watching that too. And this is the first time I am watching that movie. Oh! It was such a pleasant feel good movie. Felt so glad for the kid and the dolphin when they finally manage to save her in the long term. Not to mention healing a few others in the process. I like these kind of movies. It sort of brightens me up, watching them. If you haven’t watched it and you like the combination of kids+family+drama+cute tweety sounding dolphins you should definitely see this movie. There was a time when I used to do a movie marathon of sorts, but not anymore. Can’t have that much strain to my eyes now can I ? But if they keep playing these kind of movies, I would definitely end up doing exactly that.       


I.Q – Freaky

I decided to watch I.Q just because it has Meg Ryan, yes, I am fan of that woman. There is something very child like about her that always makes me smile watching her. But as soon as the movie started with the instrumental of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ (I did laugh out on that…so not expected) I knew that this movie was gonna be crazy. And it sure was.

Catherine Boyd, a mathematician, is the niece of Albert Einstein and is already engaged to James (who is in Psychology). One day when James car gives trouble they enter the mechanic shop of Edward and its love at first sight for Ed. Catherine feels some spark but refuses to acknowledge it (For the record, I don’t believe in love at first sight). And when she forgets her watch in the garage, Ed decides to visit her and return it back. When Ed and Einstein meet, they get along very well and Einstein and his 3 equally crazy friends believe that Ed and Catherine must be together. They try to convert Ed to a scientist , make him present a paper and all that thing to bring them together. But Catherine is smart , at least at the end and still she falls in love with Ed and well, they start their happily ever after under the telescopic care of her uncle 😉

Totally crazy, freaky, sometimes very stupid even. But hey, its a comedy and a fiction. And have actors like Tim Robbins , Meg Ryan and characters like Einstein playing the love doctor along with his friends, there is something to like there. Don’t go looking for realism or even some sense. Even though some of the dialogues does make a lot of sense than the movie. There is this dialogue ‘It’s in my left pocket. No, not that one, the other left’ 😉 That reminded me of an incident where I did the same thing and my friends didn’t think it was funny, they told that it was plain stupid. But to see that being done by Einstein, I don’t feel that stupid now 😀