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Songs of your life

Kimmie has got a list of nice ideas to write about for your weekly Wednesday post. Please check out her post on the list of topics here. This week’s topic is

August 10: Songs of Your Life – What are a couple of songs that relate to turning points in your life, and why?

I am literally going with a couple of songs.

I don’t have to say much about this song. It was a sensation when it came out. It is special to me because it came out during the time when I was going a very rough time where I was going through the separation from my ex-husband and also the bitter legal battle that ensued (for almost 4 years). And this song felt like it was written for me and since I could sing and hold a tune well, I almost thought I should sing it and send it as a ‘F*** you’ message to my ex. Hey, I am not a writer, so it is only fair that I use a popular song which matched word for word of what I was feeling at that time.

Since the previous song was a heavy one, let’s go for a lighter one.

I like dancing. I can’t dance to save my life or such. But I can dance a bit. And I ain’t bad that bad. Well, it is just these four walls that are gonna be watching right. I used to do that a lot at home, because it was just me and the walls. But then Zumba happened. And once that bug bit me, I was a goner. It not only felt good, it felt amazing. Dance and workout together. It thrilled me. I became a Zumba instructor. I am not doing anything with that certification as of yet. And its been almost 6 months since I have been to a Zumba class. But that hasn’t stopped me from choreographing or dancing to songs at the comfort of my home and I definitely feel better when I am dancing. Don’t you?


Its been a while since I did some binge watching. I have been doing just that this weekend with the series ‘Death in Paradise‘. One of my close friend suggested that and now I can’t enough of it. Quirky, humorous, funny and its a  British-French crime drama series. What is not to like 🙂 And since tomorrow is also a holiday for us (Republic Day) I get more time for some more episodes 😛

Is it still called binge watching if you like watching a particular music video song again and again. Found this song this weekend and I ended up choreographing this song using salsa steps for the Zumba class. And it was fun. The song does have Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande and Who is Fancy , all three are quite good individually and just imagine what they would do if they got together… Well, they do talk about ‘boys like you’

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